COVER | Students debate the issues in lively forum

By Abigail Pore Staff Writer Nation political reporter and Communications Week guest Eleanor Clift moderated a debate among Campbell students about party views and the upcoming election last Tuesday. There were three parties represented by two students each. Diane Ford and Justin Perkins represented the College Democrats with Madalyn Brooks and Jeffrey Biggs representing the […]

What is the place of a debate moderator?

By Ka’Deem Wynn Staff Writer In anticipation for the final debate of the 2016 presidential election, political debates regarding a small array of topics took place in the D. Rich, Turner Auditorium Tuesday evening. Featuring political reporter, television pundit and author, Eleanor Clift as moderator, last Tuesday’s debate included a three-way discussion between the College […]

Students for Trump campaigns for millennial voter turnout

By Rachel Davis Assistant Editor American millennials have grown up surrounded by rapidly changing technology, with social media becoming a primary form of communication with people born around the turn of the century. Social media has become a way for people to stay in contact and immediately publicize a message to the entire world if […]

Third presidential debate rated best by students

By Austen Brennan Staff Writer Campbell hosted a presidential debate watch party with Daily Beast political reporter Eleanor Clift as a special guest as part of Communications Week. With 20-plus people in attendance, including several professors from various departments, the event in Maddox Hall was packed with all range of political leanings.  Republicans, Democrats, Trump […]

Column | You don’t have a ‘civic duty’ to vote

By Austen Brennan Staff Writer Growing up, I believed the old adage that it is my responsibility as a good citizen to vote in every election. Mainly, I was told that by Republicans and conservatives who wanted me to stop the Democrats and leftists from seizing more power and further eroding our freedoms. After witnessing […]

Column | Debate recaps, Saturday Night Live style

By Diane Ford Staff Writer No one does it like Saturday Night Live. They have the best track record for being home to the funniest comedians but also the best impersonators. Over the course of the presidential debates we were fortunate enough to see Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon produce what some might call their […]

Column | Pros and cons for Clinton, Trump

By Omar Hourani Assistant Editor Hillary Clington • Pros: Hillary’s biggest asset is her political experience, ranging from first lady, governor, senator, and secretary of state. Her policies reflect her determination to fight for children, families, and the middle class. Her military shrewdness is conveyed by the vital roles she played hunting Bin Laden and […]

Column | Three reasons not to vote for Donald Trump

By Dylan Lord Staff Writer Last week I covered Hillary Clinton and I promised that I would do the same to Trump; so, without further ado, let’s go: 1. He’s short-skinned and arrogant: It’s no secret that Donald has a pretty huge ego — one that could probably rival Kanye West. He’s arrogant, plain and […]

The Election Game a new way to discuss politics with friends

By Taylor McKaig Features Editor If you and your friends want to try something different for game night, consider something that may be out of your comfort zone. The Election Game is a new card game that attempts to make light of what is seemingly a tumultuous election year. While some of us spent our […]

Three ways to avoid talking politics over the next few weeks

By Kaitlyn Dixon Staff Writer With it being election season, it seems as if we can’t get away from constant political posts on social media and demeaning campaign commercials. I’m here to tell everyone who is sick and tired of hearing about the election how they can avoid the nonsense. Everywhere we look, we see […]