Yik Yak goes global, plays role in campaigns

By Richard Williams Staff Writer Around this time last year, if you asked someone ‘What’s Yik Yak?’, chances are they had no idea what you were talking about. Since then, Yik Yak has grown from 70 users to well over 300. That’s nearly a 400 percent increase in users, just here on the campus of […]

President Wallace reflects before retiring his title

By Sean Neal Editor In the past 12 years, a lot has changed for Campbell. Within that time, the campus gained a convocation center, the football program returned and new medical programs have been established, to name a few major changes. As president of Campbell University for the past almost 12 years (it’ll be 12 […]

BigSURS brings student research to the Creek

By Christian Hornaday Staff Writer Campbell University hosted a number of schools within the Big South Conference, among others, on April 10 and 11, as home to the seventh annual Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium. Showcasing research topics ranging from biology to communication studies, students had the opportunity to share papers and presentations on topics […]

Professor Pete Kenny leaves communication studies legacy

By Devin McCray Staff Writer This year, the Communication Studies department will say goodbye to an instructor who is, as his pupils will attest, “popular with students.” Professor Pete Kenny, or as his students call him “PK,” has taught in Campbell’s Communication Studies department for about seven years. Among his notable accomplishments at Campbell, Kenny, […]

School year in review

By Matthew Sokol News Editor A first in nursing for Campbell Last August, Campbell’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program welcomed its first class of 85 students to its pre-nursing seminar course. The director of the program is Dr. Nancy Duffy, who joined Campbell back in the fall of 2013. Student Donyetta McBride was one […]

Mock trial prepares Campbell students for the real world

By Richard Williams Staff Writer Governed by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) is Campbell University’s award-winning Mock Trial team. The team competes in competitions to provide a realistic court environment for those interested in trial law and the development of related lifelong skills. Mock trial competitions give students a hands-on experience of what it’s […]

Turning the page on four years at Campbell

By Sean Neal Editor If newspapers had titles, this one could easily be called “The Page-Turner.” Not in the literal sense, although that would work too. I mean in the sense that this issue has not one, but a few stories featuring people who are about to turn the page onto the next chapter in […]

Facing interfaith conflicts at Campbell

By Matthew Sokol News Editor Interfaith is the concept of people from different faiths coming together, and properly relating one’s beliefs in a safe environment. The success of interfaith conversation requires a decent amount of cooperation, an open mind and proper face-to-face communication skills. I believe that interfaith can be a complicated issue, but it […]

Another point of view on the Age of Terrorism

By Omar Hourani Staff Writer What is the first idea that comes to mind when you hear “Islamic State” (IS)? Most seem to deem it a religious phenomenon, where Muslims express their faith by committing acts of violence that are supposedly inherent in the religion. However, since Islam is a religion that condemns killing as […]

‘Alabama Rain’ looks at what it means to truly live

By Rachel Rock Features Editor In the spring production of “Alabama Rain,” the Campbell University Department of Theatre Arts explores the idea of learning to live instead of simply existing. The play, by Heather McCutchen, opened Friday, April 10, and will continue to run on April 17 and 18 at 7 p.m. and April 19 […]