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A day of heartbreak, love

Posted by courtneyschultz On February - 13 - 2013

Have you ever had a valentine or a secret admirer, who showered you with gifts on Valentine’s Day?

This special day is not as romantic as it is portrayed to be because of bad experiences. This daycan sometimes end in disasters.

A few Campbell University’s students remember well a horrible Valentine’s Day.

“I have had only one bad Valentine’s Day experience, and that was the first and last time I have ever had a valentine” said Maddi Nathan, a freshman Spanish major.

According to Nathan, she simply hates this day because of the bad situation she was put intwo years ago.

Maddi said she remembers slowly approached her ex-boyfriends house when tears began to run down her face. She broke down and started to sob because of a text message she received on her phone.

On this romantic day, her former boyfriend, Christian Martin of Pennsylvania, sent a text explaining how he did not think the relationship could go any further.

Nathan said, “I was heartbroken when I saw this text message on my phone; I wish he had broken up with me in person rather through a text.”

Ironically when she received the message, she was near his house and decided to furiously bang on his door as tears streamed down her face.

“I was angry and mad at the fact that he broke up with me on Valentine’s Day,” said Nathan.

She explained how when she went and banged on his front door, he slowly opened it because he knew that she was extremely angry.

While observing Maddi and her expressions, it is understood that this break up had major effect on her life. She was apprehensive about opening up explaining about this relationship because it affected her so much.

Nathan said, “I really loved this boy. We grew up together and were best friends ever since we were born and I honestly had no idea what I had done to him to cause a break up.”

Around the time of 498 A.D., Valentine’s Day, a day honored on Feb. 14, was actually a church sanctioned holiday, which was declared by Pope Gelasius. It soon became associated with love in England during the Middle Ages.

Today, the most common symbol seen on this day is a heart. A heart has been recognized in many cultures as a symbol of love, joy and compassion.

Laren Derr, a psychologist who works at a practice in Lexington, Ky, explained how many patients have come in recently to explain their horrible Valentine’s Day experiences.

Her clients tend to be heartbroken and want to be informed about how to proceed with this day as it soon approaches.

Derr explained how she is able to relate to her patients on this level because she has had some heartbreak on this special day. She continued to say that although some of her Valentine’s Day experiences have been remarkable, some of them have been atrocious.

“I have received everything from flowers, to chocolate candies, to even cards full of hearts on this day, and those were the times my experience was phenomenal, but I have had some Valentine’s Days that turned out to be awful,” said Derr.

She said since she is able to share this story with clients and they are able to understand that they are not the only ones who have had bad experiences.

“As I got off work and was heading to my boyfriend’s house at the time, I was ready to have a great Valentine’s Day and receive a couple of gifts,” she said.“When I walked into the house, and kissed my boyfriend, I looked around to see if there might have been something that he would give to me as a gift. As I reached in my purse, I pulled out a card and gave it to Brett; he immediately said ‘what is this for?’ I told him to open it and read it and while he did, I continued to search for a prize that could be mine,” she said.

Derr thought her boyfriend was holding off on giving her presents, flowers, or even a card because he wanted to make it special. In turn, her boyfriend Brett forgot that it was Valentine’s Day and did not get her anything.

“I was extremely upset about the whole situation because I never thought that a person could forget about this special day” said Derr.

She said she has repeated this story many times over the past years as her clients continuously come to her asking for advice about Valentine’s Day.

Although the most common symbol of Valentine’s Day is a heart, the most common gifts exchanged on this day are a box of chocolates and cards.

Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. Even though Valentine’s Day is a day or love and romanticism, people who receive cards and experience a bad Valentine’s Day tend to rip up the cards and throw them away.

Sometimes people do not put the effort into this day, and one boy did not put any exertion into his gift for the one he secretly admired.

Claire Richie, a freshman student in the Communication Studies program at Campbell, rants about her horrific Valentine’s Day experience as she noticed an envelope on her car. Richie explained how she had been dating a guy, whose name she will not disclose, for only two weeks and asked him to do nothing for her because they were together for a short period of time.

“Valentine’s Day passed without any incident and I thought I was in the clear, but the next day when I went down to my car after school, I noticed that there was an envelope on my windshield. I opened it and it was a card printed out from the internet and signed ‘Your Secret Admirer’,” Richie said.

Richie was upset about the whole situation because she felt that he should have respected her wishes by not getting her anything at all.

Richie said “I didn’t want him to do anything in the first place, but if he was going to ignore my wishes, he at least could have put a little effort into it. An actual card maybe or he could have actually handed the card to me instead of putting it on my car for me to find after school.”

The main reason to why Richie was upset about the whole situation was because he put no effort into Valentine’s Day.

Not every Valentine’s Day is the same for everyone. Some people have great experiences with their loved one, while others have a horrible day which results to tears, break-ups, anger, and hatred.

By Mary Ashley Badgett
Staff Writer

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