Bollywood comes to the creek

On Tuesday evening, CAB hosted Bollywood Night in the Rumley Center to continue the celebration of Diversity Week. An Indian dance instructor, Basanti, gave students lessons in the dance while others enjoyed glimpses of the culture.

Indian food was served such as curry, eggplant and nuts, corn mixed with rice, chicken, and pita bread.

Some students suitably dressed up for the event in their saris. They have a very creative look to them and each sari is unique than the others.

Some Campbell students talked with others for the first time and it truly brought races together as one.

CAB brought in a belly dancer named Kelly, who has 8 years of belly dancing experience and 4 years of Bollywood experience.

Kelly brought hip scarves for the girls to wear while dancing.

Some were bright and colorful, which allowed the girls to loosen up.

The dancers were able to add jeweled belts, which chimed as they shimmed.

Throughout the night, the student had the opportunity to enjoy the culture while having fun.

“I like the different cultures and Indian food,” said Lauren Casey, sophomore and Spanish education major. “The food was really good and even though I am a terrible dancer, it was still fun to learn.”

She said the event fulfilled her expectations as she was out dancing with friends during the event.

Bollywood Night was held by the CAB Diversity Committee.

The chair of the committee Jared Frye, a sophomore and pre-pharmacy major, was very happy with the turnout of the event and said the event was on top of the list to have during Diversity Week.

“We like to bring in every culture for Diversity Week,” said Frye.

One of the students that enjoyed the event was senior Denise Boney, a health care management major.

Boney was one of the first to come out to the event and went out to learn some Bollywood moves.

“CAB did a good job,” said Boney, “Food was interesting but it ended up being really good.”

Students and CAB members said Bollywood Night was a successful event for the start of Diversity Week.

By Katlyn Clark
Staff Writer

Photos by Daniel Solomon

Basanti, an Indian dance instructor, teaches students the art.

Vaishnavi Dodwadkar, left, and Pravallika Godavarthy, right, are masters of the dance.



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