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Campus raises super aid

Posted by courtneyschultz On April - 8 - 2013

On April 5, Campbell once again hosted its annual Relay for Life celebration to raise money for the fight against cancer.

Many clubs participated, and in accordance with the theme this year, dressed as superheroes and created booths that reflected the clubs’ respective chosen heroes.

Clubs incorporated a wide variety of heroes into this year’s theme, letting their imagination run wild. Some hero themes present included Power Rangers, Dare Devil, Spiderman, Captain Underpants, and Underdog. Only a daring few actually dressed up as their club’s chosen hero.

Jordan Armstead, a sophomore communication studies major, was there with the African American Studies club. Their hero of choice was Black Dynamite.

“Black Dynamite was a hero, and he went about justice the same way Malcom X would have,” Armstead explained. Their club also had a booth with information about the club, and giveaways for different students who visited the table.

Sophomore Ashlyn Rich, a history pre-law major, was there as well with the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Club. Their booth expressed the theme of Dare Devil, and included brownies and other sweets for sale to help raise money for Relay.

“We wanted Dare Devil because he is the blind lawyer superhero that combats crime,” Rich said. “And it would make sense that since we are the Pre-Law club, we would pick him.”

CAB, the group responsible for organizing the Relay, chose this year’s theme as well. Karie Parks, Assistant Director of the Campus Activity Board, said, “We pick a different theme every year, and the Chair and a group of students get together and brainstorm about things that the students may like . . . Superheroes have been pretty popular lately.”

Many, including Parks, determine Relay to have been a success.

“As of right now the Relay raised about 16,000 dollars, raising a little under 6,000 the night of the Relay,” Parks said.

Whether you dressed up, walked around, or went to go hang out with your friends, the Relay for Life this year was a fun and relaxing way to help support the efforts to raise money in the fight against cancer.

By Collins Lopez
Staff Writer

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