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Issue 12 of The Campbell Times

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Issue 12 of The Campbell Times


Issue 11 of The Campbell Times

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Issue 11 of The Campbell Times

Five Questions with Needtobreathe’s Seth Bolt

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Multi-talented Needtobreathe member Seth Bolt, who plays bass and mandolin, founded Plantation Studios when he was 16. He co-wrote a book with his brother and has recorded four albums with the band. Bolt has been with the Christian band since 2002.

Needtobreathe’s Seth Bolt.


You have a new album coming out titled Rivers of the Wasteland. What is the story behind that?

“This is probably one of the records that was the toughest for us to make that took us a really long time. I think it’s because we were kind of struggling with a lot of interpersonal issues. So while it took us longer, the record kind of started out as one thing and then it ended up being something entirely different. The record ended up being sort of like a biographical experience of that. It started off being called “The Wasteland” and then it ended up being called “The Rivers of the Wasteland.” The record transformed as our lives transformed.”


What can listeners expect when this album is released? 

“They can expect to hear a more raw version of Needtobreathe. The last record we released was sort of shooting for the stars, epic in nature, and sonically, but we decided in the beginning of this process that we wanted to give ourselves some limitations. We tried to record all the songs as a band and not get tons and tons of overdubs and stuff like that to create a big production. We wanted the songs to speak for themselves without lots of production.”


How excited are you to start off a tour?

“Very. I love it. This has been the longest break that we’ve had in probably our entire career so everyone’s had plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate and get lots of fresh perspective on who they are and how lucky we are to make music for a living and to get to tour the country. And I’m super excited for this show. The first couple of shows are always really special because they sort of are the recipients of those first bursts of energy everyone has from being back together, playing music again. That’s going to be great.”


How does performing at a university differ from an arena, if at all?

“It kind of depends on the college, actually. Each college or university has a different personality and it depends a large part on what kind of energy the people bring to the show. We treat every show as its own unique experience.”


What are you most looking forward to this Monday?

“I think watching the next tour take shape. We do things differently each tour, like we try not the play the songs the same way. So we will be freshly rehearsed from trying out some of those new ways to play the songs and I’m always excited to see if people connect with that or not. It’ll be the same songs, they’ll just be presented in a different way and it’ll be cool to look out and see if people are digging it or not.”


When the interview ended, Seth had a quick question to ask for the staff:

What’s the story on your mascot?



By Emily McIntosh
Entertainment Editor 

CU choir to debut songs from European tour

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On April 1 in the Scott Concert Hall at 8 p.m., the University Choir will present their spring concert.

Photo courtesy of

According to Dr. Phillip Morrow, Director of Choral Activities, “It’s no joke.”

The choir will debut a few selections they sang while on tour in Europe.

On their nine-day tour, they had the opportunity to visit the Czech Republic and Austria. They were able to see many places such as the state opera house where Mozart first premiered Don Giovanni.

Morrow said the program “has a world music flavor” and he mentioned the diverse repertoire of selections including two renaissance pieces, modern day church anthems, two Venezuelan folk pieces, an African chant piece and a few spirituals.

He said the entire program is not more than an hour long but it’s something students would enjoy.

The program features composers Eric Whitaker, Thomas Weelkes, Eleanor Dailey, and Ola Gjeilo.

Dr. Morrow said, “Come on out! It’ll be an exciting concert.”

The concert is free and open to the public. For more information about Campbell University’s fine arts events, visit the Campbell events page at

Any student that is interested in joining the Campbell University Choir can contact Dr. Phillip Morrow at


By Katria Farmer
Staff Writer

Students fight off the undead at carnival

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On Thursday, as a part of Campbell University “Spring Fling” week, CAB hosted a zombie themed carnival.

Photo courtesy of CAB of Campbell University.

The line into Gore Arena reached to the famous camel statue as students eagerly waited for a free t-shirt.

After receiving a free shirt, students walked into the carnival to a host of food, games, and rides.

The food, games, and rides featured old favorites with a twist such as zombie face painting, popcorn, funnel cakes, the bunjee jump, and the Whirly Bird.

The carnival also introduced some new games such as “Ball Pong” to win a fish, and “Zombie Attack” where participants had to knock over fake zombies to win a prize.

The hostess of “Zombie Attack”, CAB member and elementary education major Courtney Badstein said she had an extensive attitude for the event.

“Guess What It Is” hostess, math major Harley Gordon, had participants put their hands into covered bowls and guess the contents.

Harley said, “This is a pretty good event; I’m having fun with all this stuff.”

The CAB Homecoming and Spring Fling chair, Jasmine Erickson was very happy with the turnout of the event.

“I have been running around asking people if they are having fun, and I have had no complaints,” Erickson said. “I am excited to bring in the new Topsy Turvy ride. Some of Campbell’s staff are also here with their children and families, which is great. Overall I’m working hard but also having fun.”

Students had positive comments about the event.

Clinical research major Leanne Brown said, “It’s quite exciting and cool. Everyone looks lively and there’s a lot of free stuff which is always good.”

Brooke Davis, a kinesiology major, said, “I’m just here for the food, hashtag fat kid for life.”

Overall, CAB was pleased with the outcome of the event.


By Persia
Staff Writer

How to take down America

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Recently, one of my favorite comedy writers Daniel O’Brien wrote a comedy article on about how a previous comedy article made him a potential comedy threat in the eyes of the comedy government. Actually, take out the last two comedies, he was really taken in for questioning by the real Secret Service and put on real government watch lists.

Photo by

In his article Daniel wrote the Secret Service watches the entire Internet no matter how small the website in search of threats and now I’m going to test that theory.

The website Daniel writes for is still up and running and doesn’t seem to be in any danger so I’m assuming The Campbell Times and Campbell University will be safe. However, the article that got Daniel in trouble was just about beating up Presidents, whereas I will be teaching you, the reader, how to assassinate America’s soul.

In order to do that you have to destroy the nation’s idols, our favorite celebrities, but you can’t simply kill them.  That would turn them into martyrs and only make them stronger.  Also it’s mean; just so rude.  You know, I’m pretty sure it’s against the law even.  No, in order to bring America to its knees you have to bring the country’s most beloved figures down to the level of ordinary humans, starting with our greatest treasure.

Step 1: Make Tom Hanks look like a jerk

Tom Hanks isn’t just one of the country’s best actors; he’s also a universally adored celebrity.  It’s a proven fact that Tom Hanks’ performance in a 1980 episode of The Love Boat created so much pure joy that Hitler felt it in 1945 and experienced remorse for the first time.  Hanks has been the ideal American celebrity for decades and he must be eliminated.  The trick is to reveal the real person beneath all the charm and friendliness.  You have to mock him relentlessly until he snaps.  Call him a “turd face.”  Make fun of the way he’s always been a delightful Saturday Night Live host and the entire cast in every generation thinks he’s the bee’s knees.  Say you only pretended to cry like a baby when he lost Wilson in Cast Away.  He’ll believe because it’s too farfetched to be a lie.  You’d have to be some kind of terrorist to keep a dry eye during that scene.  WILSON.  This might be harder than I thought.  Maybe you should skip that one.

Step 2: Normalize Kanye West

Okay, you can do this.  Americans find Kanye West fascinating because he’s unpredictable.   He’s a truly unique voice in mainstream music and every new release is nothing less than groundbreaking.  Yeezy is so wild that he can’t be tamed.  Your best bet is to make everyone else just like him.  If everyone is special then no one will be.  You just have to make everyone in the country the egotistic, loudmouthed, incredibly gifted musician and poetic social critic that Kanye is.  How hard can it be to make a minimalist masterpiece like Yeezus, that leaves the listener not just entertained but truly considering the state of modern society?  Just yesterday when I was in the shower I was like “the government is always on my back, I know a guy named Jack.”  You can have that.  So there’s a pretty good start.

Step 3: Turn Jennifer Lawrence into a competent and graceful adult

Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars, but there’s still time to cut her off at the knees before she does it herself and takes another endearing fall at a major awards show, making her an unstoppable force of affability like Tom Hanks (let’s face it,  was always a pipe dream).  If you can turn Lawrence into a mature and respectable thespian a la Daniel Day Lewis instead of the youthful and vivacious goofball she is now there still might be a chance.  Once J-Law goes into seclusion, only coming out for high quality roles and passing on comedies and sci-fi movies she’ll become boring and America will lose interest in Lawrence and with her, the entire new generation of artists.  This one might really work, but could you wait until she’s done with all the X-Men movies?  You know what, just forget the whole thing.

The fourth and final step is to make a dark and gritty movie about Superman and someone already took care of that one.

By Brian Brown
Staff Writer


Editor’s Note: This editorial was written in jest and does not reflect the institution of Campbell University or The Campbell Times as a whole.

Learning how to survive

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Last night, CAB’s Zombie Week continued with “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse,” hosted in the Wallace Student Center.

Sophomore and CAB member Katlyn Clark discusses survival tips with a fellow student.
Photo by Michelle Polowood.

The event consisted of Campbell bags filled with Zombie supplies, including knickknacks, said to help you to defend yourself against Zombies.

Freshman Liane Lefabor said, “I’ve never had a twinkie before and I remembered in the movie, Zombie Land, that they were looking for the twinkies so I thought that was pretty funny”.

Chair of the CAB committee, Jasmine Erickson, said the event was “to have a good time and get fun “zombie” supplies [and] to make your own zombie apocalypse kit creatively”.

A complication from the event was the lack of speaker, which was due to the fact that “the speaker was way out of Campbell’s budget”, according to Erickson.

Matthew Castellucci, a junior business administration major said she would have loved to see a speaker at tonight’s event.

“Granted it would all be fake because chances of an actual Zombie Apocalypse happening would be slim, but it still would have been cool to make something up and maybe hire an actor from the TV show, The Walking Dead,” Castellucci said.

Photo by Michelle Polowood.

Lefabor said she was impressed “a Christian campus they still let us do Zombie stuff.”

In the end, everyone seemed to enjoy their ‘supplies’ as they walked away with them and the event seemed to bring light to the Student Center, with music and mingling.


By Michelle Polowood
Staff Writer 

Issue 10 of The Campbell Times

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Issue 10 of The Campbell Times



Student editorial cartoonists contest wants entries

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Image courtesy of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

Are you a cartoonist?

The AAEC/John Locher Memorial Award Competition for student cartoonists is now open. The contest is sponsored by the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

The contest is open to student cartoonists from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Age limited to participants 17 to 25 hers old.

Cartoonists are to submit four clean photocopies of each of their best four editorial cartoons for a tool of 16 copies.

Limit comic strips unless the format lends itself to an editorial statement.

The winner of the John Locher Memorial Award will receive a $1000 cash award and all-expense paid trip t the annual convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

The entry fee is $10. Send cash, check, or money order to AAEC.

Contest entries are to be sent to:
AAEC/John Locher Award Contest
Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
3899 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110

The contest entry form is here:

The deadline is March 15.

For more information, go to:

Issue 9 of The Campbell Times

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Issue 9 of The Campbell Times

Issue 12 of The Campbell Times

Issue 12 of The Campbell Times  

Issue 11 of The Campbell Times

Issue 11 of The Campbell Times

Five Questions with Needtobreathe’s Seth Bolt

Multi-talented Needtobreathe member Seth Bolt, who plays bass and mandolin, founded Plantation Studios when he was 16. He co-wrote a [...]

Sun causes students to bare skin

With the temperature rising, students are taking to the lawns to lay-out and suntan. Freshman Charlotte Rockwell said, “Stars and [...]