The latest in fall fashion trends

By Katlyn Clark Staff Writer Classes have been in session for a few weeks now and the summer is coming to an end. Since autumn is right around the corner, it is time to consider putting away the crop tops and rompers, ladies! Here are some fall trends that you should invest in and add […]

Tapes to iTunes: The evolution of the album release

By Percia Williams Staff Writer Growing up in the early ‘90s, if a new song was played on the radio and you wanted to hear it again, you had to record it…on tape. Yes, on an actual cassette tape with an actual tape recorder. After listening to the song on the radio, you watched the […]

Five Questions with Needtobreathe’s Seth Bolt

Multi-talented Needtobreathe member Seth Bolt, who plays bass and mandolin, founded Plantation Studios when he was 16. He co-wrote a book with his brother and has recorded four albums with the band. Bolt has been with the Christian band since 2002.   You have a new album coming out titled Rivers of the Wasteland. What […]

Students fight off the undead at carnival

On Thursday, as a part of Campbell University “Spring Fling” week, CAB hosted a zombie themed carnival. The line into Gore Arena reached to the famous camel statue as students eagerly waited for a free t-shirt. After receiving a free shirt, students walked into the carnival to a host of food, games, and rides. The […]