Dealing with homesickness

Kaitlyn Dixon, Staff Writer Homesickness: adjective; the distress or impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home. Its cognitive hallmark is preoccupying thoughts of home and attachment objects. Homesickness can happen anywhere, and at anytime. Many people relate homesickness to people of a younger age when they are away from home at a sleepover […]

How to keep your senioritis under control

By Katria Farmer, Online Editor It’s that time of year again: a time where motivation walks out the door and leaves you with that bundle of joy they call “responsibility,” a time of year where professors come together with nefarious plans to wipe out whatever’s left of your fragile GPA, and a time where you […]

Lottie Dottie: Local jewelry for the classy camel

By Kaitlyn Dixon, Staff Writer Suzanne Royal, the creator of Lottie Dottie custom and Heirloom Jewelry, has come a very long way with her jewelry. Royal has been in the jewelry business for nearly 15 years. It all began when her son, Chess, became interested in being in the business world. Chess was homeschooled by Royal […]

In case you forgot your table manners

By Taylor Mckaig, Staff Writer The art of dining etiquette seems to be all but lost, especially on a college campus. As we enter the real world, proper manners at the dinner table can be a useful asset in our arsenal of professionalism. The Business school gave students the opportunity to practice these skills last Tuesday […]

Eighth annual Battle of the Bands

By Rachel Davis, Staff Writer The atmosphere in Turner Auditorium was filled with high energy and excitement as bands from around North Carolina competed in Campbell University’s Battle of the Bands on Thursday night. Five bands competed in the event, which lasted from 8–10 p.m., for a chance to win a $100 dollar gift card and […]

SAO hosts 2nd pageant: Inaugural Miss Campbell steps down

By Rachel Davis, Staff Writer The second annual Miss Campbell pageant, hosted by Sigma Alpha Omega, crowned Sue Ann Forrest as new reigning queen of Campbell University on Saturday night. Not only was the pageant a fun event for competitors and audience alike, but the sorority dedicated half of all proceeds to SAO’s philanthropy, Ovarian Cancer […]

Book review “Halo: Hunters in the Dark”

Dylan Lord, Staff Writer “Halo 5: Guardians” is coming out Oct. 27, 2015, and with all the hype surrounding its release, it’s safe to say that many are drooling to get their hands on this game. That being said, I thought it would be prudent to review a novel written in the Halo Universe. Specifically, […]

Be prepared to get scared this Halloween

By Katlyn Clark, Entertainment Editor Halloween is this Saturday and there are so many ways to celebrate the occasion. Dressing up in costumes for a Halloween party and carving pumpkins are great, but going to a haunted house is even better. Here are a few recommended places in the area where you can get into the […]

“Anne of Green Gables” comes to CU’s stage

By Taylor Mckaig, Staff Writer Campbell’s Theatre Department prepares for the premiere of its fall musical “Anne of Green Gables.” The production follows the first book in a series by L. M. Montgomery. The literature is widely considered a children’s book. That is, until it was brought to life onstage. It is an early twentieth-century tale […]

Mind reading duo impresses students

By Rachel Davis, Staff Writer Campbell University students gathered on Monday night in Turner Auditorium to watch the Evasons perform. This husband and wife duo happens to have some unique abilities: Tessa Evason can read minds. About a hundred students came out to watch the Evasons, who wowed the crowd with various mind tricks. Some started […]