Column: ‘Blackout’ is proof we can unite

By Austen Brennan Staff Writer I didn’t plan on going to the “Blackout” that was held on Sept. 28 in the Academic Circle. I didn’t plan on writing about it either, but that’s what momentous events do: they change your plans. I saw the organizers gathered outside of D. Rich Hall while I was leaving […]

A response to one YikYak user on the ‘Blackout’

Sept. 28, as expected, brought out the best and worst in our fellow camels. The Blackout arranged by the Black Student Association was the highlight of the day and also the topic of interest among the popular anonymous posting site, Yik Yak.Yik Yak provides a sense of comfort to those with opinions and thoughts they […]

Three reasons why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president

By Dylan Lord Staff Writer That’s right, I’m tossing my hat into the political ring. It had to happen at some point. So let’s get started. 1. Her health. A lot of questions have come up recently on whether or not Hillary Clinton is actually physically capable of handling the responsibilities of office. At an […]

Column: Factors outside of religion more responsible for today’s terrorists

By Omar Hourani Assistant Editor ISIS. 9/11. Boston Marathon. San Barnandino. Orlando. Paris bombings. All these terrorist incidents have one thing in common: Islam. It’s because of this pattern that the religion has been branded as a violent ideology, and Muslims have been ostracized, scapegoated, and viewed with suspicion. While many can keep their faith […]

Students debate National Anthem protests

We took to the streets to ask your opinion on the protests. • “I feel that Colin Kaepernick should stand for the flag during the National Anthem. Although he is trying to ‘take a stand for injustice,’ this is not helping fix the problems in our society today.” – Alexa Kallesten, freshman • “[Athletes] have […]

Opinion | Have several seats, America

By Diane Ford Staff Writer “O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave”— such a beautiful line, and yet still a half-truth in 2016. During the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key, a slaveholder from what today is the state of Maryland, wrote these words after witnessing an American victory over […]

Opinion | Anthem protests ‘tactless, inexcusable’

By Ka’Deem Wynn Staff Writer Be the change you want to see in the world. It’s been heard, said, put as posts on social media, and known like the back of our hand. It is OK to feel a certain way about something; just make sure that you stand up for what you believe. Stand. […]

Opinion | HB2: A case study in misinformation

By Austen Brennan Staff Writer House Bill Two is easily one of the most controversial pieces of legislation, at least in North Carolina’s long history; but how did it get that way? It’s certainly not because of what’s in the bill: having read it in its entirety, I can report that there’s nothing shocking, barbaric, […]

Column | Student-athletes have same access to academic help

By Syd Holt Staff Writer What it is like being a student-athlete? A lot of people think that being a student-athlete can get you a significant amount of benefits that regular students don’t have access to. In some cases that may be true, and sometimes these “benefits” will get a school in trouble — see […]

Opinion | We want all-night dining options

The Campbell Times The food options at Campbell have gotten better in recent years — Moe’s replaced Quizno’s, Chick-fil-A is going full service, Starbucks is here and the newest edition Greens-To-Go is a welcome change. But when the sun goes down, those options go away. We’re students, which means we’re up late, hopefully studying. We […]