Online only: The danger of using the terror watch list for gun control

By Austen Brennan, Staff Writer The latest and greatest proposal to come from gun control supporters is one that on the surface seems extremely innocuous and even commonsensical: they want to bar people on the Consolidated Terror Watchlist and/or No-Fly List from being able to purchase firearms.  Admittedly, when I first heard of the plan, […]

Editorial: Resolutions — can you keep them?

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor The New Year always seems to present a chance for a new start and personal growth. People spend the last few days of December mapping out their flaws and the things about themselves they wish to change and then researching different methods of achieving these […]

Column: Justin Bieber — Everyone just stop the hate

By Dylan Lord Staff Writer Universally loved and hated by millions, Justin Bieber has every love-struck teenage girl begging to marry him and every guy with an ounce of testosterone in his body wanting to kill him. Despite being a guy, I never really bought into the whole “sheep-hate” phenomenon surrounding Justin, and after years […]

Column: A look at the “Dragon Age” games

By Omar Hourani Copy Editor If you’re a fan of the “Elder Scrolls” or “Witcher” series, you’ll most likely fall in love with Bioware’s “Dragon Age” franchise. So far, the games that came out in this series are “Dragon Age: Origins,” “Dragon Age 2,” and “Dragon Age: Inquisition.” These are fantasy role-playing games that are […]

How to upkeep your new year’s resolutions

  By Katria Farmer, Online Editor We’ve reached the tail end of January, and you’re in one of three situations right now: You’ve already failed at your resolution. You didn’t make a resolution You are dominating your resolution. Whichever category you’ve landed in, you could use my help because I know what it’s like to […]

Responding to the critics: Gun control

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer Several weeks ago, I wrote an article pertaining to the Oregon mass shooting, and I was informed that someone had not only read my article, but had extensively criticized it. If you are reading this, I want to thank you. I’ve gone over your critiques and you make many valid points. […]

Make memories, not purchases

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday, Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor With Thanksgiving mere days away, people seem to be most excited for great food and even greater shopping deals. Let’s face it, Black Friday has come to overshadow Thanksgiving. It has even expanded to start on Thursday at many stores, making Thanksgiving almost obsolete. People […]

Libertarianism: an impractical utopian ideology

By Omar Hourani, Copy Editor Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli, recently decided to raise the price of his drug from $13.50 to $750.00 per tablet, a 5,455% price hike. This life saving drug, Daraprim, is listed by the WHO as one of the most important medications. This scenario portrays only a glimpse of that “other” side […]

False allegation against Senator Tillis

By Gabe Johnson, Staff Writer A recent slew of scandals surrounding various high-profile politicians across the United States have emerged, claiming that these politicians are associated with the Ku Klux Klan. Among those accused is our North Carolina Senator, Thom Tillis. Having emerged from a blue-collar family and paying for his own tuition while living in […]

Five questions with the editors

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday, Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor Editor in chief Rachel Rock is a junior communication studies major with a double concentration in public relations and broadcasting from Mertztown, Pennsylvania. Besides editing the newspaper, she is active in many other places around campus. Rachel works as an admissions ambassador, CUFS peer mentor, […]