Slow jammer of news suspended from NBC

By Sean Neal Editor For any college students who like to kick back at the end of a long day and watch the nightly news (and shatter stereotypes, I might add), the past few weeks may have been a little rough. Many Americans were taken aback earlier this month by news that NBC anchor and […]

Demanding more recognition for Chapel Hill deaths

By Louis Duke & Valerie Procopio Staff Writers The cold-blooded murders of three students in the Chapel Hill community happened over two weeks ago, yet the harrowing events are still at the forefront of area news and on the minds of many in the greater triangle area. We may never truly know why these students […]

Loan reimbursements coming too late

By Louis Duke Staff Writer Thursday, Jan. 29, a full 22 days after the semester began, is when I received my student loan reimbursement this semester. Like so many of my peers, I am able to attend college almost entirely thanks to scholarships and loans, the kinds of financial aid on which this institution prides […]

Is Campbell still safe?

By Valerie Procopio Staff Writer After two armed robberies near campus, there are still many questions left unanswered. Why did it take so long for the University to alert students to the robbery? Why wasn’t campus put on lockdown? What connection, if any, does the armed robber have to campus? There were also many inaccuracies […]

Personal branding and the social media game

By Sean Neal Editor Maybe the newsflash I’m about to give you is a little dated, especially since this is supposed to be an article in a newspaper. Regardless, here it is: social media is a game changer and is having a huge impact in all of our lives. Enlightening, right? Unless you are in […]

Making the most of your fall break

By Emily McIntosh Staff Writer You did it. You just finished your last class of the week. You worked hard on every assignment thrown at you, you went to (and dare I say, participated in) all of your classes, and now you have a glorious and much-deserved four-day weekend. But there’s one important question you […]

Neal: Fall into exploring new places

Sean Neal Editor Ah, Fall. I think it could be summed up it three words: pumpkin, spice, and latte. Ok, maybe that’s only if you’re a basic white girl. Which I am, especially during Fall. Maybe these three words are a little more accurate for everyone else: sweaters, food, and of course football. Whatever your […]

Letter to the Editor: Greeks aren’t getting special privileges

By: Matt Burke and James Ryan Holloman Dear Editor, We’ve got some trouble with an opinion piece that was presented in the previous Campbell Times. The accusation was made that school administration has put Greek Life over the rest of the student body. Nothing could be even further from the truth. Note: These are our […]

Opinion: Is Campbell choosing Greek over the greater good?

By Louis Duke and Valerie Procopio Staff Writers As we begin our senior year, we can’t help but notice a substantial change on campus this year: Greek life is everywhere. Recruitment, welcome week, at the games, and more; campus is crawling with Campbell Greek life. We’re not saying whether this is a good thing or […]

Neal: Every change for the better

By Sean Neal Editor Whether you’ve been here for three years or it’s your first year in the Creek, anyone can feel that the winds of change (humid as they are) are blowing at Campbell University. This year marks the first year students can join the University’s nursing program in its pre-nursing seminar starting this […]