Libertarianism: an impractical utopian ideology

By Omar Hourani, Copy Editor Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli, recently decided to raise the price of his drug from $13.50 to $750.00 per tablet, a 5,455% price hike. This life saving drug, Daraprim, is listed by the WHO as one of the most important medications. This scenario portrays only a glimpse of that “other” side […]

False allegation against Senator Tillis

By Gabe Johnson, Staff Writer A recent slew of scandals surrounding various high-profile politicians across the United States have emerged, claiming that these politicians are associated with the Ku Klux Klan. Among those accused is our North Carolina Senator, Thom Tillis. Having emerged from a blue-collar family and paying for his own tuition while living in […]

Five questions with the editors

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday, Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor Editor in chief Rachel Rock is a junior communication studies major with a double concentration in public relations and broadcasting from Mertztown, Pennsylvania. Besides editing the newspaper, she is active in many other places around campus. Rachel works as an admissions ambassador, CUFS peer mentor, […]

The Oregon massacre and the need for gun reform

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer On Oct. 1, Chris Harper-Mercer stormed Umpqua Community College, where he was a student. He shot nine and injured seven before he committed suicide. This subject is unique to America, because nowhere else in the world do shootings of this magnitude take place with such frequency. Mass shootings in the United […]

Gun Control: a balanced and practical approach

By Omar Hourani, Staff Writer There are two main sides to the gun debate: One side supports gun control, arguing that guns should be banned for our safety. The other side argues that gun control is a violation of Constitutional rights, and guns are needed for self-defense. What does the research say? It’s unclear. Some studies […]

Tips for scoring the perfect internship

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday, Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor Around this time of the year, students begin the hunt for spring and summer internships. This can sometimes be a daunting process for students, so we have devised a list of tips to help make this process smoother and more beneficial for everyone involved. When […]

I left class before my professor arrived and this is what happened

By Katria Farmer, Online Editor Right around this time last year, I went on an adventure. It was a heart-pounding, blood-pumping, thoughts-racing kind of adventure. My classmates and I were given the chance to test out the 10/15-minute rule. You know the rule — when a professor’s 10 minutes late (15 for those with PhDs), […]

Bernie Sanders: The grassroots campaign taking storm

By Matthew Burke, Staff Writer I’m often asked about my support of Bernie Sanders. If I had a nickel for every time somebody told me I was a fool for supporting him, I’d be able to pay for another parking lot behind Bob Barker. The point I try to make to naysayers is that Bernie is […]

Don’t be afraid to “Feel the Bern”

By Johnathan Wiles, Staff Writer It would be wrong to say that in a field of presidential hopefuls led by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that Bernie Sanders is the most controversial figure, but he has definitely received more than his fair share of it. Sanders’ controversy, however, is not that of a man marred by […]

In defense of men: U.S. rape culture

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer With Sexual Assault Awareness Week (S.A.A.W.) behind us, the opportunity to discuss rape culture couldn’t come at a better time. At its root, rape culture is a fear driven movement that seeks to validate the claims of supposedly wronged women at the expense of a man’s life. When confronting rape culture, […]