Editorial: Tips for the 2015 freshman

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor With the first full week of school completed, we are sure most new students are overwhelmed with the many changes of college life. We know for a fact that there are at least 1,398 students who still do not quite know if they […]

Column: Pros and (many) cons of Donald Trump

By Omar Hourani, Staff Writer I will start with pros because it is the shorter list. Because of his wealth, Donald Trump would be hard to bribe. While other politicians may often be influenced by special-interests and lobbyists, Trump wouldn’t owe anyone any favors if he’s president. The cons are, of course, so vast that only […]

Turning the page on four years at Campbell

By Sean Neal Editor If newspapers had titles, this one could easily be called “The Page-Turner.” Not in the literal sense, although that would work too. I mean in the sense that this issue has not one, but a few stories featuring people who are about to turn the page onto the next chapter in […]

Facing interfaith conflicts at Campbell

By Matthew Sokol News Editor Interfaith is the concept of people from different faiths coming together, and properly relating one’s beliefs in a safe environment. The success of interfaith conversation requires a decent amount of cooperation, an open mind and proper face-to-face communication skills. I believe that interfaith can be a complicated issue, but it […]

Another point of view on the Age of Terrorism

By Omar Hourani Staff Writer What is the first idea that comes to mind when you hear “Islamic State” (IS)? Most seem to deem it a religious phenomenon, where Muslims express their faith by committing acts of violence that are supposedly inherent in the religion. However, since Islam is a religion that condemns killing as […]

Bad politics: SGA Executive Board eliminates collaboration

By Andrew Ryan Hall, Senior Class President and Zane Singletary, Freshmen Class President Contributing Writers Disclaimer: This characterization is not reflective of individuals on this board, but is a reflection on the board’s recent behavior. The purpose of a student government association is to be a deliberative body that collaborates and holds open discussions to […]

Duke and Procopio: Closing Thoughts

By Louis Duke and Valerie Procopio Staff Writers Looking back over our four years here, we’ve noticed a few things. Campbell can be great—we just have to work harder. Not just the administration. Us. Students. We have to give more. We need to demand more. Students need to stop accepting “apathetic” as a legitimate point […]

Missing papers, harassment follow last issue’s column

By Sean Neal Editor In our last issue, staff writers Louis Duke and Valerie Procopio wrote a column on the recent SGA executive elections. Published in the opinion section, the article presented their views concerning the lack of publicity for the recent SGA executive election, among other personal opinions on the subject. The column has […]

SGA execs refute ‘bogus’ claims

By Sue Ann Forrest, Nick Hudson, Danielle Barnes, Phil Hedrick, Stephanie Laird, Mark Jones, Keith Boyette and Megan Avery—SGA Executive Board We are writing today to negate the statements put forth in Mr. Duke and Ms. Procopio’s article about the SGA executive elections on Feb. 25, as well as the slanderous and derogatory remarks about […]

Damascus, Syria: before the war

By Omar Hourani Staff Writer Since 2011, Syria has been engaged in a bloody civil war. Here Campbell student Omar Hourani, who was born in Syria, describes what life was like there before the turmoil. I walk among the dense crowd as cars buzz all around me and smog colors the buildings in hazy black. […]