Why a young Muslim was arrested for bringing a clock to school

By Omar Hourani, Staff Writer Recently, a 14-year old Muslim, Ahmed Mohamed, was arrested for bringing a homemade digital clock to his high-school in Irving, Texas. Before crying out “racism” and “Islamophobia,” let’s look at the facts: Ahmed brought his clock to his engineering class; later, his English teacher got alarmed (thinking it was a bomb), […]

Carly Fiorina shines in second debate

By Gabriel Johnson, Staff Writer It was a slim chance that she would be admitted into the CNN-hosted Republican Presidential Primary Debate, but Carly Fiorina—an underdog by all standards—emerged triumphant. Initially trailing in the polls, Fiorina has surged into the top tier, surpassing candidates who were previously considered frontrunners. Even the conservative favorite, Scott Walker, governor […]

Discussing the gender wage gap

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer This week, a lawsuit was launched by an ex-Microsoft employee named Katie Moussouris against Microsoft for alleged sex discrimination. She accused Microsoft of paying female workers less than men, promoting men over more qualified women and giving women lesser performance reviews than male counterparts, among other things. Now, whether these accusations […]

Bring professionalism back to campus

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday, Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor To most college students, the step out of the house and onto campus seems to break us free from the majority of rules we may have once followed. Coming to college may lead to a more colorful vocabulary, a change in diet or a new […]

Editorial: If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday, Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor We live in a society that glorifies overexposure. People are no longer judged for constantly updating their snapchat story or live tweeting their entire life. What was once seen as “basic” is now the norm for young adults. There is a constant need to […]

COLUMN: Obesity — An American epidemic

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer “Fat culture” in America has always been something I’ve wanted to discuss. I’ve kept quiet, but when I found out that an obese woman named Tess Munster was being signed on as a model, I knew I needed to speak out. Before we get started, let’s get something clear. This is […]

COLUMN: FOX News — Beware of biased reporting and propaganda

By Omar Hourani, Staff Writer I don’t mind conservatism — the right does have some valid points. I don’t mind opinionated media — hence this article. What I do mind is “news” media that claims to be objectively “fair and balanced,” then manipulatively portrays nothing but blatant Republican propaganda. Whether you lean left or right, this […]

COLUMN: Hillary Clinton — A history of scandals

By Gabriel Johnson, Staff Writer When deciding between the self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders, or the moderate Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party must choose whether it will move further left with Sanders, or place their bets on Hillary, who has been defined by numerous scandals. At their own peril, the Democratic Party has unabashedly thrown their support […]

Editorial: Tips for the 2015 freshman

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor With the first full week of school completed, we are sure most new students are overwhelmed with the many changes of college life. We know for a fact that there are at least 1,398 students who still do not quite know if they […]

Column: Pros and (many) cons of Donald Trump

By Omar Hourani, Staff Writer I will start with pros because it is the shorter list. Because of his wealth, Donald Trump would be hard to bribe. While other politicians may often be influenced by special-interests and lobbyists, Trump wouldn’t owe anyone any favors if he’s president. The cons are, of course, so vast that only […]