Tips for #Campbell20: 10 Camels’ Advice for the Incoming Class

By Lydia Huth, Online Editor   As Campbell prepares to welcome new Camels to the creek, we asked ten current students to give advice to the Class of 2020.   Ask for help. “Never hesitate to ask for help.  Campbell offers several helpful resources for students whether they are dealing with academic or personal struggles.”  – […]

The truth about the war against the South

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer A white male walked into a black church and opened fire on June 17, 2015, killing nine and injuring others. According to sources, the shooter was looking to start a race war, and ended up adding more heat to the national debate on the controversy of the Confederate flag. Many argue […]

Tips to make the most out of this summer

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday, Editor-in-Chief & Assistant Editor With the semester winding down, it is time to look into your summer plans. Since we know it is going to be incredibly hard to adjust back to a few months of quiet, home life after spending a year in the roaring town of Buies Creek, we […]

5 tips on decorating your graduation cap like a boss

By Katria Farmer, Online Editor Forget Pinterest, cliched inspirational quotes, and glitter glue. (Well maybe not glitter glue). Here are 5 tips to prepare you to walk down the aisle and say “I do” to adulthood. Let your words mean something A good graduation cap is like a good tattoo. If you’re going to use words, […]

Donald Trump part 2: We’re all Trumped

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Donald Trump’s personality has become a major part of his campaign, and given his lack of experience, it’s probably his biggest asset. Throughout his campaign, Trump has established himself as an outsider–a renegade who plays by his own rules. During the Iowa Caucus, […]

Ask the editors: Our picks for Reader’s Choice 2016

By Rachel Rock, Christian Hornaday & LynJosha Russell, Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editors As the semester is winding down, the Campbell Times is asking you for your favorite places and things in and around the Campbell community. The Campbell Times editors, Rachel Rock, Christian Hornaday and LynJosha Russell decided to give their choices for some of the […]

The Introverted Extrovert: Dating advice from someone who hasn’t dated

By Katria Farmer, Online Editor It was the day I saw the most attractive human male I’d ever seen on campus that I realized something. I had no game. Well, maybe I had realized that in the past but the most serious crushes I’ve had in my life were all friends first so I didn’t […]

Envisioning a Trump presidency

By Omar Hourani, Copy Editor When Trump first announced his campaign, everyone dismissed it as a joke, or something that would never go far. Today, it seems more than likely that he will be the next president. There is no doubt that America, as well as the world, will go through major changes throughout his presidency—political, […]

Donald Trump: The man behind the toupee

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer “China, China! China, I love China. I got to have my China!” If you know what that phrase means, good for you. If you don’t, look it up. It would be a drastic understatement to say that Mr. Trump has become the center of attention for the 2016 Presidential Election. A […]

Hello from the other side: Defending Greek Life

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer Combining the toxic atmosphere of political correctness, intolerance and childishness with organizations filled with careless individuals, the attack on college fraternities across the United States should come as no surprise. Look no further than the UVA Rape Scandal back in 2014: an article published by Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Erdely accused […]