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Com students inducted into exclusive honor society

Posted by smneal0807 On November - 7 - 2012

Dr. J. Dean Farmer, chairman of the Department of Communication Studies, inducts Catherine Ardoin into Lambda Pi Eta, the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association. Campbell University’s Lambda Pi Eta chapter is one of more than 400 active chapters at four-year colleges and universities worldwide.

Lambda Pi Eta was founded in 1985 at the University of Arkansas. Lambda Pi Eta represents what Aristotle described in his book, Rhetoric, as the three ingredients of persuasion: Logos (Lambda) meaning logic, Pathos (Pi) relating to emotion and Ethos (Eta) defined as character credibility and ethics.

Also inducted were Rudi Fate, Tim Wilson, Scott Baytala, Marisa Linton, Allison Laflamme and Sean Goatley-Soan.

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