Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Editor’s Note: There was a misprint of the story “Faculty says farewell to beloved worker”. The correct story is submitted below.

By Courtney McGowan and Frankie Crawford Jr.

Photo by: Frankie Crawford Jr.

Feature Editor and Staff Writer

For nearly 21 years, Associate Registrar Billie Jo Pittman has worked at Campbell University. She began her career here in 1992, working with student accounts in the Business Office. In 1996, Pittman was promoted to a position in the Registrar’s Office. At the end of this month, she will be leaving Campbell in order take a job closer to home.

“In 1998 my family moved back home to Clinton, but I loved being here at Campbell so much I just couldn’t leave,” said Pittman. “A position recently opened up at Hobbton Elementary School for an Administrative Assistant. The school is within walking distance to my house, and I will be able to be with my children, as their school is in the same area.”

Over two decades, Pittman has seen a lot of change at Campbell. From construction to technology, the school has grown in many ways.

“I started in April of 1992 in the Business Office, and I worked with student accounts. Back then we had hand written receipts and not camel cards with camel or creek bucks,” said Pittman. “The biggest change for both students and employees was the computers; it has made things so much more beneficial.”

While in her position as the Associate Registrar, Pittman has been responsible for certifying undergraduate candidates for graduation; for coordinating, planning, and publishing the graduation programs; for maintaining and amending our Degree Audit program; for providing reports to federal and state agencies and for providing miscellaneous reports to departments and staff persons as authorized. Her hard work and dedication to the school will be missed by many.

“She is a super woman, has a tremendous work ethic and is skilled, confident and energetic. She was my right and left hand,” said J. David McGrit, the university’s Registrar’s who has worked with Pittman for 17 years. “I don’t know what Campbell will be like, but I myself will be lost without her.”

McGrit is not Pittman’s only coworker to truly appreciate her helpful nature. It seems that Pittman is dedicated to doing what she can, whenever she can, for those around her.

“I have worked with her for 15 years, and there has never been a time—no matter what the issue—that she did not make time to help us,” said Marian Brantley, Assistant Registrar for undergraduates. “I’ve learned a lot from Jo. Any stumbling block we had, she was there to help us.”

Since much of her work is done behind the scenes, many current and former students may fail to appreciate everything Pittman has contributed to Campbell.

“If I was to say anything negative about Billie Jo leaving, it is that we will all miss her,” said Win M. Quakenbush, Director of Financial Management. “But seriously, most of the students from the past 20 years have all been affected by her in some shape or form. Some of our graduates may not appreciate how complicated it is to set up, run and complete a graduation ceremony. Billie always played a major role in making all aspects of the ceremonies work.”

With heavy hearts, the members of the Campbell community say goodbye to Pittman. Her work here will be appreciated long after she has left, and she will continue to hold a special place in the memories of those with whom she worked. Likewise, Campbell will remain an important part of Pittman’s life.

“I will always love Campbell University,” said Pittman.

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