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In the life of Gaylord

Posted by courtneyschultz On February - 4 - 2013

There are many aspects of a school spirit used to create a united atmosphere. One of the most animated elements comes in the form of a character known as a mascot. Whether it is cheering on the basketball team, or visiting local schools in the community, Gaylord continuously is up to something.

“Transforming into Gaylord is a very busy job, but the life of Campbell’s mascot is something that I love so time isn’t a problem” said the man behind the suit.

From student to mascot the life of a student, Gaylord talks to us about life in and out of the suit.

Were you up against a lot of individuals when going through the selecting process?

At first, I didn’t know much and how to get involved. I did some research and went to the Athletics Marketing and Promotions department to ask some questions on how to get involved. They told me about this mascot opportunity and I went for it. So, to answer the question, I was the only one asking about the job at the time.

How many classes are you taking here at Campbell?

 5 classes. The last ones to mark off the list.

What is your major here at Campbell?

Political Science

Do you find yourself very busy living a double life?
No, sometimes it’s tough balancing Gaylord life and student life, but it’s never too overbearing, I love what I do.

What is your favorite part about being Gaylord?

The best part of being Gaylord, Well that’s everything. Being able to act and do what I want without being judged by others is the best part though.

Do you think you personality changes in and out of the suit?

Yes, of course. In the suit you don’t have to worry about people knowing who you are, so you do what you love and keep the spirit alive.

Do you have a Gladys in your life?

Yes, but not in the suit.

What was the funniest thing that has ever happened when you were in the suit?

It was about two weeks into the suit when I had a little boy tap me from behind, I turned around bent down and he punched me in the fast. The funniest thing was it hurt even when the Camel head on. Funny, but painful.

Have you ever accidently talked while in the suit?

No, not at all. The number one rule is:do not talk when in the suit.

If you were president of Campbell University for a day what would you do?Yourself and Gaylord?


Myself as a student would change exam times to nothing before nine and no Saturday test times. Oh, and Gaylord would love if basketball season was year round.

When will you be graduating here at Campbell? And what has Gaylord taught you to be like outside the suit.

Well, I’m graduating in May, and that even the smallest gesture and smile or wave can change a day which I see very often in the suit.

What words of advice will you pass on to the next generations of Gaylord?

The first rule about Gaylord is do not talk about being Gaylord.

By Kelly McGovern
Staff Writer

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