It’s all in the family: family weekend celebrated on campus



Photo by Joy Spitler
Photo by Joy Spitler

By Taylor McKaig & Katlyn Clark, Staff Writer & Entertainment Editor

The weekend of Oct. 2 marked the annual family weekend in the Creek. This weekend includes various sporting events and activities to welcome families to campus and to help them understand what life is like at Campbell. There are many different events like a meet and greet with the faculty event, a women’s soccer game and a football game.

In between the hustle and bustle of sporting events, Campbell hosted a meet and greet with the faculty event during family weekend. This event not only showcased professors, but also better acquainted parents with those who are teaching their children.

Ms. Borrée Kwok, Dean of the library, explained the significance of the event when she said, “The Faculty/Staff Meet & Greet in particular allows parents a chance to be engaged in conversation with their student’s professors and enables them to gain insight into their student’s academic pursuits.”

The event highlights how connected we are as a community. Kwok added, “Our parents’ enthusiastic participation during Family Weekend speaks volume about their eagerness to support their student in their academic journey. At the same time, our faculty and staff’s devotion to this event serves to illustrate their caring spirit and wholehearted concern for the success and well-being of our students.”

As the Saturday evening continued, families were able to start up their tailgating by barbecuing hot dogs and burgers in the wake of the Campbell football game that night. Before the game started, there was a family photo booth where families could try on different props and pose for a picture to go on Campbell Athletics’ Facebook page. As it was almost kickoff, students with their families piled into Barker Lane Stadium to cheer on the Camels as they took on Drake. During halftime, the Family of the Year was announced. The Hewett family of Princeton, North Carolina was given the honor of being this year’s Family of the Year. This family consists of three children that are all attending Campbell, two of them as undergraduate students and one as a graduate student. Both parents also attended Campbell. They were able to take a photo with President Bradley Creed and Vice President of Student Life Dennis Bazemore. The Fighting Camels were able to give the families a home victory with a final score of 24–14.

The Family Weekend festivities were concluded Sunday morning with a chapel service for students and parents alike in Butler Chapel.

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