Campbell Pulls off Double Overtime Victory on Farias Penalty Kick

  By: Matthew Sokol, Sports Editor BUIES CREEK, N.C. — Campbell’s men’s soccer team pulled out the 4-3 victory during the second overtime period on a penalty kick taken by Bradley Farias during its regular season opener on Friday against Jacksonville. The Camels now move on to 3-3 on the season with conference play starting […]

Campus Ministry making disciples of all nations

By Christian Hornaday, Assistant Editor Campbell University’s Campus Ministry is indeed fulfilling the call of Matthew 28 verse 19, “go therefore and make disciples of all nations,” as they prepare for this year’s mission trips. With one trip offered in the States, as well as two offered out of the country, students should find at least […]

Creed brings unique vision as president

By Dylan Blackburn, Staff Writer When J. Bradley Creed was chosen to be Campbell University’s fifth president in January, he certainly didn’t imagine himself serving brownies to a crowd of incoming freshmen at a “President’s Picnic.” But that’s exactly where the office took him. Although this type of activity may not fit the average view of […]

Changes around campus: Campbell aims for a healthier and safer campus

By Kaitlyn Dixon & Christian Hornaday, Staff Writer & Assistant Editor Campbell opened the 2014–15 academic year with 1,398 new undergraduate students, the largest class of freshmen since its founding. Academic advancements are on the horizon with programs such as the nursing school accepting its first class in the fall of 2016 and the newly added […]

No more “I don’t have time for exercise”

By Taylor Mckaig Staff Writer The pursuit of health and fitness can be challenging for some students. Heavy course loads, exam crams, late night snacking, and lack of sleep are all excuses used to get out of exercising. Keep putting off that gym session, and before you know it, you’re having trouble squeezing into your […]

Faulkner says farewell to School of Business

By Marin Goodwin, Staff Writer October will mark the beginning of a new career for Dr. Keith Faulkner, who will leave his role as dean of the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business to become the dean of Liberty University’s School of Law. “After a lot of prayer with my wife, and a lot of isolated individual prayer, […]

Editorial: If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday, Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor We live in a society that glorifies overexposure. People are no longer judged for constantly updating their snapchat story or live tweeting their entire life. What was once seen as “basic” is now the norm for young adults. There is a constant need to […]

COLUMN: Obesity — An American epidemic

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer “Fat culture” in America has always been something I’ve wanted to discuss. I’ve kept quiet, but when I found out that an obese woman named Tess Munster was being signed on as a model, I knew I needed to speak out. Before we get started, let’s get something clear. This is […]

COLUMN: FOX News — Beware of biased reporting and propaganda

By Omar Hourani, Staff Writer I don’t mind conservatism — the right does have some valid points. I don’t mind opinionated media — hence this article. What I do mind is “news” media that claims to be objectively “fair and balanced,” then manipulatively portrays nothing but blatant Republican propaganda. Whether you lean left or right, this […]

COLUMN: Hillary Clinton — A history of scandals

By Gabriel Johnson, Staff Writer When deciding between the self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders, or the moderate Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party must choose whether it will move further left with Sanders, or place their bets on Hillary, who has been defined by numerous scandals. At their own peril, the Democratic Party has unabashedly thrown their support […]