A response to one YikYak user on the ‘Blackout’

Sept. 28, as expected, brought out the best and worst in our fellow camels. The Blackout arranged by the Black Student Association was the highlight of the day and also the topic of interest among the popular anonymous posting site, Yik Yak.Yik Yak provides a sense of comfort to those with opinions and thoughts they […]

Three reasons why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president

By Dylan Lord Staff Writer That’s right, I’m tossing my hat into the political ring. It had to happen at some point. So let’s get started. 1. Her health. A lot of questions have come up recently on whether or not Hillary Clinton is actually physically capable of handling the responsibilities of office. At an […]

Column: Factors outside of religion more responsible for today’s terrorists

By Omar Hourani Assistant Editor ISIS. 9/11. Boston Marathon. San Barnandino. Orlando. Paris bombings. All these terrorist incidents have one thing in common: Islam. It’s because of this pattern that the religion has been branded as a violent ideology, and Muslims have been ostracized, scapegoated, and viewed with suspicion. While many can keep their faith […]

At home at The Campus Grill

By Taylor McKaig Features Editor Nestled in between the Short Stop and Subway is a place famous for serving up the “Jacked up Burger” and other Campbell favorites. As you enter the double doors into Campus Grill, you step back in time to see a display that captures the Campbell community in action. Although the […]

Review: iPhone 7 worth it for Apple fans

By Kaitlyn Dixon Staff Writer The time has finally come. Apple has finally announced the release of the newest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple’s original press release in September contained pictures of what the sleek design looked like and details of what the iPhone will consist of. The iPhone 7 dramatically improves the most […]

Here kids, try my music. I promise you’ll like it. No, really….

By Dr. Britt Davis Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Campbell University In the Sept. 12 issue of The Campbell Times, Rachel Davis presented her list of favorite bands and songs: her mixtape. Admittedly, of the artists on her list, I’m only familiar with two of them, Ed Shearin and Needtobreathe (and only because Needtobreathe played […]

Computing services to host Technology Fair

From staff reports Computing Services will host a Fall Technology Fair for the Campbell community on Oct. 20-21 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Rumley Center. The fair — open to students, faculty and staff — will showcase various technologies currently available to the Campbell community. “We’re very excited about this event, especially […]

Jewish Student Organization joins Campus Ministry

By Ka’Deem Wynn Staff Writer Campbell University is traditionally known for its Baptist roots and traditional Christian values. The school’s Campus Ministry department updated its history books after it officially welcomed its newest branch, adding a Jewish Student Organization this semester. The organization is headed and was created by seniors Matthew Sokol (editor of The […]

New PE classes beginning spring 2017

By Ka’Deem Wynn Assistant Editor As the seasons change, so do classes. The latest addition to Campbell’s class catalog set to begin at the start of the 2017 spring semester, the department of Exercise Science will introduce two new physical education classes: Fun and Fitness, and Individualized Fitness Programs. The classes are headed by former […]

Why athletes choose to transfer to other schools

By Syd Holt Staff writer Why do student-athletes transfer schools after they’ve committed to one? If they truly didn’t want to go to a certain institution, why sign? Transferring schools is something that many collegiate student-athletes consider and many others decide to do. For each person, there’s a number of reasons for doing so, but […]