Column: Experiencing Selma

By Louis Duke Staff Writer I was standing before a bridge. Not just any bridge—the bridge. The bridge that was left stained with the blood that sparked so much response 50 years ago. Now 50 years later, the stage before the bridge is full of faces. The faces of great leaders, the kind whose decisions […]

Making strides in the world of student journalism

By Sean Neal Editor The issue you hold in your hands marks issue number 10 of The Campbell Times for the 2014–2015 school year. In the spirit of reaching this landmark of numbers, I’d like to reflect on some journalistic strides (and strides in the making) for our paper, starting with a few recent achievements […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘Chapel Hill’ article shined new light

By Omnya Shiglawi I just want to thank Louis Duke and Valerie Procopio so much for writing such a powerful article. I am a Muslim Arab-American at Campbell and I personally knew these three individuals. I was so furious at Campbell not doing anything for this tragic event, or even taking just five minutes out […]

Letter to the Editor: Column reduces issue to attacking Campbell

By Colin Kroll As I read the opinion article in issue nine of The Campbell Times concerning the lack of recognition for the students murdered in Chapel Hill, my heart was once again broken by the needless violence that robbed our generation and world of three bright, young lives on Feb. 10. I, along with […]

‘Preferred Parking’ finds spot at Campbell

By Emily McIntosh Entertainment Editor One twitch, one stutter, one funny friendship. On Thursday, March 19 at 8 p.m. in Turner Auditorium, CAB will host Preferred Parking, a comedy act featuring two friends, Drew Lynch and Samuel Comroe. Unlike most comedy acts, Preferred Parking offers a unique perspective when it comes to bringing laughter to […]

Camels extend winning streak to 14, three in conference

By Eric Ortiz Staff Writer Sunday, Fighting Camel baseball defeated Longwood yet again 8-6, bringing the total wins to 14 with four in conference. The team started off conference play with a 3-2 victory on Friday and a 7-1 victory on Saturday, both over the Longwood Lancers. Head Coach Justin Haire was excited to start […]

Newcomer Rakitin shows racket skills on tennis team

By Brooke Williams Staff Writer Sophomore Nicolas Rakitin is proving to be quite the addition to the Men’s Tennis Team. He’s on a five-game winning streak with a record of 9-2, the best on the team. In doubles, he is 3-3. “It’s a good record so far,” said Rakitin. “I hope to be able to […]

Camel Cam takes on bigger courts at Big South

By LynJosha Russell Sports Editor While many students spent their spring break at the beach, on a family trip or catching up on studies, the cast and crew of Camel Cam spent theirs on the job. After a two-hour drive, Camel Cam arrived at Coastal Carolina’s HTC Center in Conway, S.C. to cover the Big […]

Beat spring fever your way

By Emily McIntosh Entertainment Editor It looks like the weather got Campbell’s Spring Break memo when students returned to the Creek (the temperature Thursday, March 11, was a whopping 80 degrees), and spring fever is most definitely upon us. With the shift in temperature, the temptation to run away from assignments and never look back […]