Math/ITS club hosts first Pi-K Run

By Elissa Tew Staff Writer Soon members of the Campbell community and beyond will have the chance to run for pie, in honor of pi. That’s no typo. That’s 3.1415926, pi. The first annual Pi-K for Pi Day Run will be held March 14, 2015 and begins at 9:26 a.m. (notice the play on numbers) […]

Divinity professor, students weigh in on creation debate

By Christian Hornaday Staff Writer People who identify themselves as a member of a certain religion are often aware of some differences between the beliefs within their religion and those of other religions. But distinctions are also made among the beliefs within a single denomination. When it comes to the creation story in the book […]

Surfing the Web puts privacy at risk

By Matthew Sokol News Editor The concept of information being private in today’s world seems to be slowly dissipating with the use of modern technology. People often use the Internet to check portals such as their email and online banking. The Internet is a place to research and even store information that can be personal. […]

Slow jammer of news suspended from NBC

By Sean Neal Editor For any college students who like to kick back at the end of a long day and watch the nightly news (and shatter stereotypes, I might add), the past few weeks may have been a little rough. Many Americans were taken aback earlier this month by news that NBC anchor and […]

Demanding more recognition for Chapel Hill deaths

By Louis Duke & Valerie Procopio Staff Writers The cold-blooded murders of three students in the Chapel Hill community happened over two weeks ago, yet the harrowing events are still at the forefront of area news and on the minds of many in the greater triangle area. We may never truly know why these students […]

Student shows Ireland-inspired art

By Rachel Rock Features Editor For senior art majors, a significant part of their final year at Campbell is curating an art show with pieces of their own work from throughout their college careers. These pieces can be anything from paintings and drawings, to photographs and sculptures. This year the senior art exhibits are up […]

Awards’ big night for social media

By Emily McIntosh Entertainment Editor Here’s a fact you may not have known: You can win an award for Snapchatter of the Year. This is not a hoax. The Shorty Awards, much like the Oscars or the Emmys, showcases the very best of social media throughout the year, with categories such as Best Photographer, Best […]

Students take quiz to find ‘ideal’ roommate

By Katlyn Clark Staff Writer Earlier this month, Facebook was buzzing with a popular new test that hits a little closer to home than “Which ‘Friends’ character is your Soulmate?,” or a number of other quizzes of the Buzzfeed variety. This popular newcomer is known as “The Roommate Compatibility Test.” If you have ever wanted […]

Change up your look with a historic-chic pattern

By Katlyn Clark Staff Writer There are many patterns that have spent a lot of time in the limelight: leopard, zebra, stripes, plaid, polka dots and paisley, to name a few. But have you ever heard of a pattern called Damask? It’s a pattern where Victorian style meets city chic. According to RuguSavay, Damask dates […]

2nd annual panel spotlights women in criminal justice

By Christian Hornaday Staff Writer The Campbell University Criminal Justice club hosted their 2nd annual Women in Criminal Justice panel Friday, Feb. 13. The panel line-up consisted of women professionals in the criminal justice field, who at the panel shared the common goal to inspire young women considering a criminal justice career. On the panel […]