President Creed ponders llama to replace Gaylord as mascot

By Katria Farmer, Online Editor Amid preparations for his installation on April 8th, 2016, Dr. J. Bradley Creed made a statement considering a change in Campbell University’s mascot. “I’ve never been particularly fond of the camel as Campbell’s mascot. I have always considered the llama to be a much more majestic animal to represent such […]

Video: Reader’s Choice Awards 2016

By Katria Farmer & Katlyn Clark, Online Editor and Entertainment Editor We took to the streets to get a few nominations for our very first Reader’s Choice Awards! Check out some of these nominations and then add your own here.

Our Place at the Table Event Bridges the Gap Between the Muslim and non-Muslim Community

By: Matthew Sokol, Sports Editor Campus Ministry hosted an event yesterday called Our Place at the Table in the Rumley Center designed to create dialogue between Muslim and non-Muslim students at Campbell University. Faculty and students collaborated together for months to put the event on, the first in Campbell University history. This event featured education […]

Q&A with Rachel McCollum

By Ashley Williams, Staff Writer Rachel McCollum is a freshman softball player from Seven Springs, NC. In high school she held the school record for 12 homeruns and the highest batting average at .805. Why did you choose to come to Campbell? “I like the school and the softball program as well, so it just seemed […]

Q&A with Maud Mrad

By Matthew Sokol, Sports Editor Maud Mrad is a senior from Metz, France who plays on the Campbell women’s tennis team. Mrad played club tennis in France in the third highest division. What is your favorite place to eat off-campus and why? “I like to eat frozen yogurt, and Sunni Sky’s is my favorite place I […]

CKP claims its place at Campbell

By Taylor Mckaig , Staff Writer Campus Kitchen Project is a nationwide student community service organization working to combat hunger in impoverished areas. After a mission trip to CKP’s birthplace, Washington D.C, three students have taken the initiative to bring the Campus Kitchens Project to Campbell. The program will utilize student involvement in order to feed […]

Andy Grammer is coming to the Creek

By Katlyn Clark, Entertainment Editor “Honey, I’m good” because Andy Grammer is performing at CAB’s 2016 spring concert on April 12! Students had been waiting for months, wondering who would come to Campbell to perform and when it was happening. The Campus Activity Board broke the news over social media outlets last month. You may remember […]

Dan Maynard: Campbell’s hidden treasure

By Christopher West, Contributing Writer Campbell has a secret hidden in its library. This is no chamber of secrets or presidential book of conspiracies. No, our treasure is a librarian named Dan Maynard. After earning his B.A. in Philosophy and Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Maynard worked in […]

CUSOM hosts first Mr. CUSOM pageant

By Christian Hornaday and LynJosha Russell, Assistant Editors Aakash Patel, a MS1 and D.O. Candidate at Campbell’s School of Osteopathic Medicine (CUSOM) took home the first ever title of Mr. CUSOM this past Friday, March 18th, benefiting the Campbell Community Care Clinic. “I knew I wanted to help out with the pageant from the beginning because […]

Envisioning a Trump presidency

By Omar Hourani, Copy Editor When Trump first announced his campaign, everyone dismissed it as a joke, or something that would never go far. Today, it seems more than likely that he will be the next president. There is no doubt that America, as well as the world, will go through major changes throughout his presidency—political, […]