Campbell welcomes a panel of city managers

By Gabe Johnson, Staff Writer The Campbell University Public Affairs Club hosted three city managers for an informative and compelling panel discussion on Thursday, Oct. 20. The three guests were Bill Summers, City Manager for Lillington; Matt Zap, City Manager for Benson and Richard Douglas, City Manager for Erwin. Summers began the panel discussion with an […]

The great debate: Gaylord vs. Humphrey

By Kaitlyn Dixon, Staff Writer There’s rumblings that Campbell’s mascot, Gaylord the Fighting Camel, might no longer be named Gaylord. It has been suggested that Gaylord’s name should be changed to Humphrey. There have been many protests from students in SGA, faculty, staff, alumni, fans and friends who have great sentimental attachment to Gaylord the Camel. […]

The reality of the mid-college crisis

By Kaitlyn Dixon  Staff Writer College is the best four years of your life, according to most current college students and alumni. The first few years of college are all about learning—not only classroom information, but about yourself as well. College teaches us many life lessons, such as how to deal with new people, how […]

Campbell responds to Oregon shooting

By Christian Hornaday, Assistant Editor In Roseburg, Oregon on Oct. 1, Chris Harper-Mercer shot and killed 10 people, including himself, and injured another 7 on the campus of Umpqua Community College. While the motive remains unclear, Harper-Mercer is reported to have entered a classroom and asked those who were Christians to stand, at which point he […]

WELCOME TO MOE’S: New restaurant opening draws mixed reactions

By Dylan Blackburn, Staff Writer Moe’s Southwest Grill opened on Oct. 15 behind Wallace Student Center, adding another dining option on campus. Although most reactions from members of the student body have been positive, many students have expressed disapproval of Moe’s lack of meal exchange options. “Moe’s is one of my favorites, so it was a […]

I left class before my professor arrived and this is what happened

By Katria Farmer, Online Editor Right around this time last year, I went on an adventure. It was a heart-pounding, blood-pumping, thoughts-racing kind of adventure. My classmates and I were given the chance to test out the 10/15-minute rule. You know the rule — when a professor’s 10 minutes late (15 for those with PhDs), […]

How to pass your midterms, guaranteed

By Katria Farmer, Online Editor The artificial lights flicker, casting a dim glow on the mess strewn about the room. The smell of rotten meat is so prevalent, it sears the nose hairs of anyone that enters. In the corner, a dim figure lets out slow, quivering breaths and high-pitched murmurs. The soft crinkle of […]

Tennis player swings into fashion success

By LynJosha Russell, Assistant Editor As he sat in the congregation during his mother’s sermon one Sunday, she said something that really stood out to him. At that moment, Jonathan O’Neal said, “You know what? I’m going to make a shirt with that.” He made one order of t-shirts and sold all of them by the […]

Breaking records in the Creek: Jones rushes towards a successful college career

By Devin McCray, Staff Writer Campbell football running back De’Shawn Jones reached a milestone in his college career. This year, Jones broke Campbell’s single game rushing record in the first home game against Pikeville, finishing the game with 189 rushing yards and a touchdown off of 15 carries. As far as the rest of the season, […]

Let’s CU dress for $30 or less on gameday

By Katlyn Clark Staff Writer Homecoming is just around the corner and this is one of the best occasions to look your best in orange and black. If you want to make a statement, toss the drab Campbell t-shirts aside and reach for more sophisticated options. The newly welcomed fall weather provides the perfect opportunity […]