Books that are better than the movies

By Taylor Mckaig, Staff Writer It is no secret that books are generally better than their re-creation on the big screen, but there is something so appealing about the live-action depiction of our favorite stories. Although there can be a lot of discrepancies between books and movies, some have the potential to be truly great, even […]

Fall into an alternative playlist

By Rachel Davis, Staff Writer Let’s go retro this week and explore the art of the mixtape, a carefully selected list of songs to set a certain mood. Although popular in the ‘90s, playlists are still great to generate emotion or get a student in the mood for a season, like these nine tracks that are […]

It’s all in the family: family weekend celebrated on campus

  By Taylor McKaig & Katlyn Clark, Staff Writer & Entertainment Editor The weekend of Oct. 2 marked the annual family weekend in the Creek. This weekend includes various sporting events and activities to welcome families to campus and to help them understand what life is like at Campbell. There are many different events like a […]

Bernie Sanders: The grassroots campaign taking storm

By Matthew Burke, Staff Writer I’m often asked about my support of Bernie Sanders. If I had a nickel for every time somebody told me I was a fool for supporting him, I’d be able to pay for another parking lot behind Bob Barker. The point I try to make to naysayers is that Bernie is […]

Don’t be afraid to “Feel the Bern”

By Johnathan Wiles, Staff Writer It would be wrong to say that in a field of presidential hopefuls led by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that Bernie Sanders is the most controversial figure, but he has definitely received more than his fair share of it. Sanders’ controversy, however, is not that of a man marred by […]

In defense of men: U.S. rape culture

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer With Sexual Assault Awareness Week (S.A.A.W.) behind us, the opportunity to discuss rape culture couldn’t come at a better time. At its root, rape culture is a fear driven movement that seeks to validate the claims of supposedly wronged women at the expense of a man’s life. When confronting rape culture, […]

Surviving and thriving through midterms

By Rachel Rock & Christian Hornaday, Editor in Chief & Assistant Editor Midterms are upon us and the morale of students across campus is definitely showing signs of stress. We have compiled a list of tips to help survive the next few weeks full of midterms, and, if we are too late to save you, try these […]

McVicar the “trickster” brings the magic

By Taylor Mckaig, Staff Writer Although rain kept pouring, students and their families ignited family weekend with Josh McVicar’s magic show, hosted by campus activities board.The event was an excellent family oriented activity as McVicar catered the content of the show to adults, college students and children. He pointed out to the audience that, “The show […]

Finding a new way to serve

By Kasey Snyder, Staff Writer College is a stressful time for students mentally, physically and financially, and not all students are sure of from where or when their next meal will come. As Campbell University increases the number of students in attendance, there will be more who are in need. To meet those needs, Campbell’s Campus […]

Greeks are giving back

By Christian Hornaday, Assistant Editor The week of Sept. 28 through Oct. 2 was Greek Week at Campbell University. The sororities: Sigma Alpha Omega and Delta Phi Epsilon, along with the fraternities: Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Sigma and Kappa Alpha competed for the coveted title of “best of the Greeks.” “The purpose of […]