Donald Trump: The man behind the toupee

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer “China, China! China, I love China. I got to have my China!” If you know what that phrase means, good for you. If you don’t, look it up. It would be a drastic understatement to say that Mr. Trump has become the center of attention for the 2016 Presidential Election. A […]

Hello from the other side: Defending Greek Life

By Dylan Lord, Staff Writer Combining the toxic atmosphere of political correctness, intolerance and childishness with organizations filled with careless individuals, the attack on college fraternities across the United States should come as no surprise. Look no further than the UVA Rape Scandal back in 2014: an article published by Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Erdely accused […]

Four apps every student should download

By Christian Hornaday, Assistant Editor Living in an age that promotes utilizing every available resource, I have found myself reading almost every article I come across that highlights apps that will make you healthier, better organized, or more successful. Out of all the apps that I have accumulated over my mere two years of owning a […]

The First Kitchin Marathon

By Kaitlyn Dixon, Staff Writer Carter Benge, resident chaplain of Kitchin dorm, will be participating in the Boston Marathon on April 18th. To prepare for the big day, he has decided to host an event that is taking place on Thursday, March 24th, called “The 1st Kitchin Marathon.” “I had no particular aspirations to run in […]

5 questions with Carter Benge

By Kaitlyn Dixon, Staff Writer When did you get into running? “Ever since I was a child, I have always been an outdoorsy kid. In 8th grade, we started running the mile once a week, and I ran my first mile in 7:43. Some of my friends who played soccer could run it in 6:15, so […]

A Contested Convention: The GOP’s Elephant in the Room

  By Dylan Blackburn, Staff Writer Last Tuesday, March 15 was an important day in the process of producing a Republican Presidential nominee, as votes were cast in the North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio primaries. While Hillary Clinton solidified her lead in the Democratic Presidential race, all Republican eyes were on Florida and Ohio, […]

An extroverted introvert’s guide to: running into someone several times

  By Katria Farmer, Online Editor Introverts and extroverts alike, awkward moments happen every day. Some of those moments are merely cringe worthy and others visit you in the night and haunt you as you fight to go to sleep. This week’s topic: running into someone several times We’ve all been there at one point or […]

CU Lacrosse seniors building program for 2016 team

By Matthew Sokol, Sports Editor Senior leadership is one the main themes being echoed across the Campbell lacrosse team as they look to win the conference championship for 2016. The six seniors that are bringing the leadership to the team are Erica Hitch, Loren Day, Kaki Armiger, Jillian Summers, Rebecca Sheinfeld and Hannah Lamb. April Reinhart […]

Cole Hallum’s victory lap with Campbell Baseball

By Brooke Williams. Staff Writer Campbell Baseball’s Cole Hallum was named to the Initial Stopper of the Year Watch List on Monday, Feb. 15. “It’s a big honor,” said Hallum. “A lot of good guys were also nominated from different regions and at this level. It’s cool to get recognition like that.” The senior is one […]