COLUMN: Yes, your Instagram photos are important

By Rachel Davis Assistant Editor If the traffic on Labor Day weekend was any indication, everyone and their second cousin trekked to the beach, myself included. However, unlike most, my trip was not strictly a vacation. My family went to help my grandmother pack up her house in Myrtle Beach, so that she can move […]

COLUMN: HB2 — Good or bad for North Carolina?

By Omar Hourani Assistant Editor Conservatives argue that regulations that ban guns do not stop criminals, but, instead, leave law-abiding citizens defenseless — while criminals get the guns illegally. It is ironic then that conservatives passed House Bill 2 (HB2), thinking it would stop people with bad intentions from entering opposite-sex bathrooms. In fact, just […]

5 Questions with Professor Bowman (comm studies)

By Carolyn Newsome Staff Writer Professor Brian Bowman is the newest addition to the Campbell University Department of Communication Studies. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, he spent his college career as a Campbell Camel, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communication. Additionally, Bowman holds a Master of Arts degree in technology and […]

Meet the new dean of the School of Business

By Abigail Pore Staf Writer This summer, Campbell welcomed Kevin O’Mara as the new dean of the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business. Recently, The Campbell Times met up with him to discuss his experience so far at Campbell. Q: What influenced your decision to come to Campbell? A: “At previous schools, the part my of career […]

Meet the Staff: Rachel Davis

By Matthew Sokol Editor-in-Chief Rachel Davis is a sophomore pursuing a double major in English and History. Davis is an assistant editor, looking over features and sports. Q: Why did you choose to join The Campbell Times staff when you were a freshman? A:  I wanted to join The Campbell Times because I was interested […]

Honesty Hour: I hate my roommate

Every issue, we will answer an anonymous question from one of our readership. Today, we’ll be discussing roommate struggles and how to resolve conflict. I can’t stand my roommate. We have really different personalities and she’s difficult to talk to. She also goes to bed early, and I like to stay up late to do homework, […]

5 life tips for incoming freshmen

By Dylan Lord Opinion Editor With many freshmen coming in, I thought I would share some senior wisdom I’ve learned over the years, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. 1. Choose your major now. I’m not saying in a week, but you should definitely try to by the end of the semester […]

We’re ready for fall fashion

By Kaitlyn Dixon Staff Writer Fall is right around the corner and students are getting excited for the things that come with colder weather: pumpkin spice… everything, leaves changing, pumpkin carving and much more. Every year the latest fashion trends come and go. What do the fall season fashion trends look like this year? For […]

Behind the band: Bantum Rooster

By Taylor Mckaig Features Editor If you were around for Beach in the Creek event last year, you may recall the band that had the whole crowd swinging. What you may not know is that Bantum Rooster has really close ties to Campbell. Out of the ten-member group, five are Campbell graduates including: Jon Cheney, […]

Return to Hogwarts with The Cursed Child

By Jordan Hobgood Staff Writer With her famous three words, “All was well,” J.K. Rowling completed both the Harry Potter series and the end of an era, an age which captivated the entire world as it pulled adults and children alike into a new one. This July, nearly 10 years since the final Harry Potter […]