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Entertainers keep us amused on the ‘net

Posted by smneal0807 On November - 10 - 2012

By Brian Brown
Staff Writer

Youth may think they own the Internet but senior citizens are using it with panache. So, it makes sense that actors and others in the entertainment business are using their golden years for breakthrough results on the ‘net. Here are a few examples.

• Stan Lee  

The comic book guru who created super hero franchises including Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and the X-Men now has his own YouTube channel where he takes center stage. Lee’s charisma and personality contributed as much to the popularization of comic books in the 1960’s as his now iconic characters did and it comes through on video series like “Stan’s Rants” where he tirades against whatever triviality is on his mind and “Cocktails with Stan” a semi talk show with co-host Jenna Busch where Stan chats with various celebrities from “Once Upon a Time” writer and producer Jane Espenson to Olympic skater ApoloOhno. Rest assured he throws in his catchphrase “excelsior” whenever he can.

• Steve Martin         

In his youth Martin was known for goofy absurdist humor. For instance, he told the world that he was born a poor black child and he took a drug that made him small. Around the late 1980’s he started to play straight man to comedians like John Candy while funny things just happened to him. Overtime he became more Hollywood silver-haired father figure and less ridiculous goofball, but Twitter changed all that. His tweets are short, sweet, and strange. Twitter is possibly the best innovation in comedy since YouTube but Martin has taken it to an art form. He received some media attention when he live-Tweeted jury duty. He even released a book of his Tweets earlier this year.

• George Takei

Golden voiced Star Trek actor George Takei has taken to social media like Facebook and Twitter in ways that would be horrifying coming from your grandmother. He frequently posts adorable cat pictures and various other image macros as well as spelling “oh my” with lots of y’s. He also turned to fundraising website “Indiegogo” to help finance a Broadway show starring himself about his experience in Japanese-American internment during WWII. After the success of the Indiegogo campaign he made a viral celebratory video of himself happy-dancing to “Sexy and I Know It.”

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