SGA Executive Election Results

The 2013-2014 Executive Election Results:

President-elect Peter Newby.
Photo provided by Peter Newby.


Andrew Ryan Hall–40.82%
Peter M. Newby–59.02% 

Write In–.001%

Total Vote: 610


Vice President:

Hunter Outlaw–57.33%
Gabe Snyder–42.67%

Total Votes: 600



Andrew Strobo–97.13%
Write In–2.87%

Total Votes: 557



Sue Ann Forest–98.23%
Write In–1.77%

Total Votes: 565


Women’s Community Coordinator:

Sara Boltinhouse–96.15%
Write In–3.85%

Total Votes: 231


Men’s Community Coordinator:

J. Deaver–45.83%
Felix Lamb–14.58%
Write In–39.58%

Total Votes: 48


Commuting Students Coordinator:

Caleb Johnson–98.06%
Write In–1.94%

Total Votes: 155


Amendment 1–Pass
388-Yes to 30-No


Amendment 2–Pass
329-Yes to 30-No


*Under new Elections Bylaws approved last year candidates win by receiving 40% or more of the vote, for further reference please review the SGA Elections Bylaws.

*All write in candidates who did not have more than 10% of the vote were all place together in the section labeled “Write In.”

*Results percentage were rounded to nearest hundredth of a percent.

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