SGA Update

Updates from the Feb. 28 Student Government Association Congressional Meeting:

Resolution 013-13-The Freshman Class Block Party Resoltuion: PASS
On Reading Day (April 25), the freshman class will host a block party to inform freshman about SGA based off of last year’s success with the previous block party. The freshman class allocates $2,260 for the block party.


Resolution 014-13-Senior Class Gift: PASS
The greater of $2,850 or the full amount of the senior class budget allocated for the purpose of funding the senior class gift.  According to Senior Rep. Ben Yates and Senior Class President Eric Viohl there is not a set gift at this time. However, the two ideas presented are: 1. A down payment for a gazebo to be built in the next five years and 2. Each senior to receive a lapel pin at the Senior Class Dinner.


Resoltuion 015-13-Event Promtion Initiative: PASS
$175 from the Junior Class budget to purchase a SGA banner. The banner is to be used to promote SGA events.


Resolution 016-13-Campbell vs. Duke Baseball Game: TABLED
The sophomore class will allocate $1000 for T-shirts to be given out at the March 26 game. The money will pay for shirts, taxes, design, and delivery.


Amendment 001-13-2013 SGA Exectuive Treasurer and Finance Committee Clairification of Procedures, Duties, and Obligations Amendment: PASS
Changes: -The Director of Student Activities shall approve all expenditures of the Associations budget.
-Approve the Executive Treasurer’s drafted budget and submit it to the Exectuive Council. Once approve by the Executive Council by a simple majority vote. If the Vice President of Student Life does not approve the amount requested, the Executive Council will by simply majority decide which allocations to amend.
-The IOC buget shall be approved by a 2/3 vote of Congress.
-Finance Committee may pass resolutions up to $500 to reduce the time constraint of passing simple resoltions through Congress.


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