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Social Work Club hosts Hunger Banquet

Posted by smneal0807 On November - 7 - 2012

On Nov. 5, Campbell students came to have dinner in Carter Gym with the Social Work club. But instead of a regular meal, students were greeted with something completely different.

For the price of three canned goods or $3, approximately 160 students grabbed a ticket from a bag to decide what (and where) they were having dinner for the night. For a small number of students, a three-course meal of salad, chicken, and chocolate mousse was provided.

CUFS-100 classes have also focused on the problem of foos scarcity.
Photo by Maria Politis

For a larger portion of students, rice and beans with a glass of water was provided while students sat in a chair.

For half of the students, however, a bowl of rice without utensils and a glass of water was on the menu. For that 50 percent, the floor was the seating for the night.

Social Work Club member Nicole Fitzgerald sat with the higher class students for the night, but still felt bad for those less fortunate than her.

“Even though I got the higher class, there was still a good chance I was going to be sitting on the floor,” Fitzgerald said. “You make that realization that a lot of the world doesn’t get to eat that much.”

Sophomore psychology major Kassy McDonough was of the majority of those who sat on the floor.

“It puts things into perspective, realizing that we have more food than other people,” McDonough said. “It makes you more aware.”

Rev. Steve Hickle, Stop Hunger Now representative, spoke to Campbell students about the issue of world hunger, including statistics and other points.

“Annually somewhere around 3000 people in this country die of a food insecurity,” Rev. Hickle said. “What would that mean for a Campbell university annually to perish of a food insecurity?”

Rev. Hickle also spoke about ways Campbell students can help in the effort to stop world hunger.

“Keep that momentum going,” Rev. Hickle said. “Find ways to really engage in this issue of hunger that you can see locally…Tell people that you represented 50 percent of this world by this sacrificial meal you had tonight.”

Lynn Lambert, Harnett County 4-H representative, also spoke at the banquet about Harnett County 4-H and their organization Hungry to Help, the Harnett food pantry, and ways Campbell students can help with food insecurity.

“I’m very excited that we are part of this hunger banquet,” Lambert said. “Hunger is really hiding here in plain sight in Harnett county. Over 6000 children in Harnett county could possibly not know where their next meal is coming from.”

Chante Clark, Senior and president of the social work club, believed the banquet was a success.

“We had to determine how big we wanted to make our event starting out because it was our first one,” Clark said. “But I think tonight we had a very successful turnout considering we had over 160 people come.”

With the success of the banquet, Clark hopes that students can take something out of this experience.

“I hope that they take an initiative to help the hungry,” Clark said. “Whether it’s donating to a food drive or volunteering or donating to the homeless in general maybe not by food but by other means.”

By Emily McIntosh
Entertainment Editor

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