Spanish prof big fan of soccer

Dr. Tiago Jones, chairman of the Department of Foreign Language, shows off his soccer T-shirt collection in his Campbell University office. He’s a player but he’s a bigger fan of teams around the world. His favorite team is Arsenal from North London –UK where he was born, but the jersey with his name on it is the one he wore at Campbell University when he played on an intramural team. “I played soccer at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India, and two years in a row we won the local Private School Championship and the American School Championship, playing against other American schools such as those in Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan and Kabul in Afghanistan,” Jones said. He also played soccer in college including at Indiana University, which won several NCAA championships. Jones played left wing and coached soccer at Chowan University. “I have shirts from the different teams and countries I have lived in,” he said.

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