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Trip to D.C.

Posted by courtneyschultz On April - 14 - 2013

Staff writer Katlyn Clark accounts her trip to Washington D.C. as part of a trip with Campbell’s Campus Activity Board.


“We are not in Buies Creek no more,” said our bus driver when dropping us off to take the Metro.

Campbell’s Campus Activity Board took a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. with 35 students en route.

We got there a little past 9 to head to the Smithsonian Metro station where it would take an hour.

Katlyn Clark in front of the White House.

I strongly suggest buying passes to take the Metro to transport to your destinations because it is worth it to not deal with traffic and it saves money.

The first place my group went to was the Natural History Museum where it has different species like dinosaur bones and stuffed animals. I even saw a Camel skeleton but this one had no hump. I was slightly disappointed with that until we went into the next Museum.

We walked through the American History Museum, which has to be one of my favorite Museums that I have ever been to. They had the Greensboro sit-in corner where four Black Men refused to leave their seats until they were served. That was pretty cool because History was made in that setting and I saw it before my very eyes.

The Museum also had different exhibits of the Emancipation Proclamation, World War ΙΙ, Food, First Ladies, Presidents, and more.

I love seeing the history of the place I live in and seeing old items that were once used never knowing that it would show up in a Museum.

After that, photo taking was a must while walking outside by Capitol Hill, the Washington Monument, The White House, and the Lincoln Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial makes me think about when Martin Luther King Jr. spoke his, “I Have A Dream” speech as well as the well known movie, “Forrest Gump” when Jenny yells for Forrest as he is speaking in front of a very huge crowd.

I went to visit the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. These memorials are very touching to visit. The Korean War Memorial having the lifelike figures of Soldiers walking in the War to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial having all of the names of the Soldiers that died in that War. Coming from a military family background, I support our Military and show great kindness towards them. Go to these memorials if you do as well.

Clark in front of the Berlin Wall.

After, I had dinner with my group in the Ronald Reagan building with a food court. I suggest going there because it is not the expensive and it has a variety of places to choose from.

Throughout the rest of our day Saturday, my group walked around D.C. which was peaceful and being able to rest after a day of walking around.

Here are some tips on going to D.C.:

1. Not all places you go into are free.

2. Always have a map and make sure you are going the right way.

3. Do not lose the group of people you are with.

Touring Washington, D.C. is all of how you make it out to be. You either love it or hate it, but that is the place where history is made for our country and I like that I feel like I am in another world there.


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