Valentine’s Day takes a wrong turn

Khadijah Fountain, a freshman biology pre-professional major, painting a heart to decorate her dorm door for Valentine’s Day.
Photo by Katrina Farmer.

Imagine the perfect Valentine’s Day date. You have just had this extravagant dinner/movie/goodnight kiss combo and you’re driving home with a huge grin on your face when your cell phone rings. It’s your date. She’s had an allergic reaction to the roses you sent to her house beforehand and she’s on her way to the emergency room.

Yikes, right? This scenario describes Brandon Crawford’s first Valentine’s Day date on Feb. 14, 2011. “I wanted it to be extremely special,” he noted with a smile. He is a criminal justice major. However, it surely won’t be a Valentine’s Day his date will soon forget.

But where did this popular tradition of expressing love on February 14th come from? One of the most popular Christian origins of the holiday begins with Saint Valentine. Legend says that Valentine was a Roman priest under the rule of Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor came to the consensus that single men made better soldiers than married ones, so he outlawed marriage. Valentine went against the Emperor’s command, according to, and continued to perform marriages in secret.

Campbell students all over campus have shown a variety of feelings regarding the day of love, some lighthearted and sweet and others a bit harsher.

Just ask TreneeLittle, freshman biology-pre-professional major. She would like to change Valentine’s Day, starting with “It’s existence.” She rolled her eyes and said, “I guess the commercialization of it. It no longer has meaning.”

That does seem to prove true this day in time. Are you getting that giant bear with chocolates because you are loved, or because it is expected?

“For me, I believe that Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. It should be for everybody. People shouldn’t have the mentality that it’s solely a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. I think they should rename it to just-because-I-love-you-Day. It’s just a day where you can share your love for everybody,” said Katherine Carlisle, freshman biology major.

It seems as if Cupid will be working overtime this holiday-relationships and friendships? So are there any special requests for the tiny flying matchmaker?

“Bring me a basketball player,” said Khadijah Fountain, freshman biology pre-professional major. “Bring me Carmelo Anthony,” she said while smearing a blob of red paint on a heart. She was planning to decorate the door of her dormroom. “Please, Cupid!”

Brianna Bland spoke about her ideal Valentine’s Day date. The senior marketing major said that she would like to receive flowers. “And I don’t like boxed chocolates,” she said shaking her head. “Maybe Hershey’s Kisses and a movie. I’d also like dinner afterwards.”

By Katrina Farmer
Guest Writer

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