Veterans guide high school hopefuls

On March 9, members of the Campbell Veterans Club, Tristan Scott, Frankie Crawford and Conner Capshaw spent their spring break helping the local community.

The CU Veterans Club checked high school JROTC members to ensure they performed all activities properly as if they were in the actual armed forces.
Photo by Tristen Scott.

Harnett Central High school hosted the Annual JROTC Raider Competition. An anticipated event, high school Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp Cadets compete against other schools for the title of Raider Champions.

The competition was to promote esprit de corps, teamwork and self-confidence amongst JROTC cadets.

The competition included events related to a physical fitness test: two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups and a one mile run; events consisted of the litter carry, one rope bridge, five kilometer road march, fireman carry relay and tug of war.

Crawford and Scott served as PT Graders as well as rope bridge evaluators and safeties.

Capshaw was all-around site monitor and assistant for the competition.

The fitness test started in the morning with school and teams rotating through different events throughout the day.

One of the more “parent attended” events was the one rope bridge. Team members must rig up a single line bridge between two poles and cross without touching the ground, lose and equipment or make improper rigging or safety errors. The fastest bridge team of the day had a time of one minute and ten seconds.

The day ended with all events completed about 4 p.m.

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