Killer Blackjack Guide

Blackjack delivers a complete casino experience – with elements of luck, risk, exciting bets and skill – making it top of the gaming charts as we end 2008 and go into 2009. Check out why web blackjack offers something for every gamer, from high staking pro, to minimum stakes leisure………

Blackjack for novices

Blackjack offers relatively simple basic rules – so any gamer can hit the casinos with free-play bonuses and minimum stakes. Just keep the following in mind:> Aim of the blackjack is to score a higher hand than the dealer – up to 21, but no higher or you bust!> Every hand starts off with 2 cards dealt to the player and dealer> You have 2 basic options – Hit for another card as many times as you desire, and Stand once you’re happy/ don’t want to risk busting the round.> Blackjack pays 3:2 (Ace + 10) – you can’t lose with blackjack hands!> You can place three blackjack power bets – the double down, split and insurance wager:

Double > Press double to boost the stake by 100%, auto-hit for another card and stand to smash the house

Split > Transform your round by splitting pairs to form 2 hands and double the original stake

Insurance > Benefit from the dealer’s luck by betting on them to hit blackjack!

Blackjack for Pro gamers

Blackjack is seriously respected in pro gaming circles – thanks to the concept of card counting. By analysing the pack and keeping a running score, skilled gamers can get a long-term edge of around 1%. When playing with high stakes and a high gaming volume, a small edge deliver pro profits. In fact, in Vegas gamers have won millions by using hardcore techniques.

Powering-up blackjack payouts

For the average online gamer – using card counting is a tough task, an its online power is open to some debate. However, it is simple to game with blackjack strategy cards, and use cool techniques like the double down strategy:

Double-up> Dealer’s face card is 4, 5 or 6 and the player’s 2 card hand equals 10 or 11> Casino’s face card is between 3 and 6 and the player’s combo has an Ace and a numbered card

No double: > Face-up house card is a 10 or a face