Play blackjack, 21 online casinos

Blackjack is the all-time classic casino game. Blackjack, also called 21, is all about reaching the 21 card score but not going beyond 21. There is numerical importance for every blackjack card. All the ‘face’ cards (Jack, Queen and King) score 10 and an Ace scores 11. You declare Blackjack when you get a face card (10 points) and an Ace (11 points). This game offers great odds for casino players.

There are many advantages to Blackjack and a variety of ways to play the game. You decide if you want a Private Table, where it is only you and the Dealer, or a Group Table where you join up with three other people of your choosing. In a Public Table, you will meet two other players you don’t know, and then play live online.


•  Casino pays winners 1.5 times the placed bet (odds of 3:2 � that means a $10 bet wins $15)

•  A Hit means the Dealer will keep drawing cards means up to a total card value of 16.

•  When the number goes beyond sixteen (16), the Dealer must Stand (no more cards).

How to play

1)   Decide how much money you are willing to spend, and then click ‘Deal’ to continue with your hand.

2)   After all players have clicked ‘Deal’, the round begins. In Public and Group Tables, the game starts after a preset default time of 30 seconds. Once the play starts, no bets can be changed.

3)   After you get your cards, decide your strategy for the next playing action, Deal, Stand, Split or Bust (if you have exceeded 21).

4)   You decide how many cards you want, up to the 21 limit.

5)   $1 is the minimum bet. $500 is the maximum bet.

6)  When you have Blackjack in your hand, you receive one and a half times your bet from the Dealer. When the Dealer has Blackjack too, this is situation is called a Push and your bet is returned to your pile.